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North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Band Pop Folk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Review of Better Day album"

"I have to say that I really love your music. It [Better Day] is one of my favorites to pop in my cd player while I cruise around town or when I'm sitting at the office. I have introduced your music to several of my friends and it has spread like wild fire. My two favorite songs on your CD are Little Train and Field of Pain. I am very interested in your music. If you ever perform in Texas, I would enjoy watching. I just thought I would let you know that I appreciate your music".

Sincerely, Carol Allee
- Carol Allee

"Entertainment Director for IPE Rodeo"

"There was something about your press kit that caught my eye, and when I listened to your demo, I just loved it. I've listened to it several dozen times already and shared it with my family and friends....you have something really special...."

(Bob Johnston, Stage and Artistic Director of IPE Rodeo)
- Bob Johnston, Stage and Artistic Director of IPE Rodeo

"Newspaper press"

"Lotus merges folk, rock, urban and blues into one uniquely Canadian genre...this electro-acoustic folk group is upbeat and engaging...

The Chief newspaper - The Chief Newspaper, Squamish

"Live Performance and Festival reviews"

I invited Lotus to perform as part of the Artswells Festival, having seen their live show at a concert in the Kootenays...their performance at Artswells was a hit with the audience, combining the powerful vocals and guitar of Feona, with the charged keyboards and harmonies of Elizabeth, the driving drum beats of Rachael, plus the remarkable mandolin of John. Together, this foursome makes up an exciting and unique musical experience, elevated by the obvious cohesion of the band...

Julie Fowler, Artistic Director, Island Mountain Arts

- Julie Fowler, Artistic Director, Island Mountain Arts

"Lotus featured in A'nR Magazine"

Since the band attended MIDEM 2008, they have been featured (twice) in A'nR magazine. Check out the link for the latest article:

http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk224/lotusbc/Lotus_amma1.jpg - AMMA

"Album Review: CBC Radio"

Hey, Lotus...I got my copy [of Under The Sun], gave it a spin, and thought "yes, this will
definitely work on CBC"...I can get copies of new CDs to all of
the stations & music libraries, so that everyone who programs music for shows ranging from local morning and drive shows to
the big network productions can gain access to them.... - Mark Rheume, National Music Director for CBC

"Newspaper 2-page article featuring Lotus"

Feona Lim shares how her song-writing emerged, and the story of how the band was formed and continues to grow.
See link below for full story:

http://www.canada.com/burnabynow/news/community/story.html?id=a0698568-edbb-41a6-908e-ad899edd9d9d - Burnaby Now

"Lotus Reviews"


"Ok, so it rules!
The production is fabulous. The sound is very coherant. The songs flow well, and then all have a similar feel--which is good--like I said, it's cohesive. The instrumentation is great. My favourite track is Smoke it. Great vibe, and bass groove...."

Genevieve Rainey, singer songwriter, review of Lotus debut album Better Day

- Genevieve Rainey, singer songwriter

"Lotus on Cover of INK19: album review"

This on-line mag gets half a million hits each month.

To read the complette album review for Under The Sun, click here:

http://www.ink19.com/issues/january2009/musicReviews/musicL/lotus.html - Ink19


Debut CD, "BETTER DAY" and newly released "Under The Sun" are both available at CDBaby.com and iTunes.

Singles "LITTLE TRAIN" and "Under The Sun" are currently on commercial and college radio. Single "Easy" was released late 2008.

Music Video - availble on the Under The Sun album, on UTube and band websites. This video, Under The Sun, has been voted into the Top 50 for the Fame Cast Country Music Video category this year.

Lotus is recording their 3rd full-length album.

Their music will also be featured on an upcoming tv show (Farm to Feast) on the Food Network, filming starts Spring 2009.



Lotus ~ an up-tempo mix of lyrical realism, winsome vocals, and sleek musical grooves...the music is a fusion of “urban folk, rock, pop, and blues into one uniquely Canadian genre” (The Chief newspaper).

LOTUS is an indie female band from Vancouver, BC (Canada) - formed in 2000 - currently looking to take the next step as a band. They were self-represented at MIDEM 2008 (in France) to promote the band on an international level.

They have a self-produced album that was released in September, 2008. The album was recorded in Bryan Adams' Warehouse Studio, and Lotus is currently working on their third full-length album.

Lotus is a group with vision and talent that has received significant interest from established individuals. The band was approached by Warehouse engineer Mike Cashin, to record another album with him.

They also have a music video for Under The Sun, that was directed and orchestrated by J.P. Finn, (producer of X-Files). The most recent project involves creating music for an upcoming tv show on the Food Network, which will begin filming in Spring 2009.

Their debut album Better day was re-released in 2005 with national distribution. Both their albums are available at CDBaby.com and iTunes. The singles "Little Train" and "Under The Sun" are currently on commercial and college radio.

The band was selected and featured in AMMA’s A’nR magazine in January 2009, which is distributed internationally. With this publication they also released their new single “Easy”.

Lotus has over 8 years of performing experience together, having played shows and festivals across BC and the US. The band has a great image and stage presence, and their music is appealing to a broad range of audiences.

The members chose the name Lotus, as in “Lotus Land” to represent their home. Lotus has many meanings - a Buddhist quote says, “lotus is the purity that come from nothing more than dirt, humble beginnings”. Historically, B.C. was nick-named “lotus land” as many people arrive with intentions of visiting, only to never return home. And so it is with Lotus.

The members of Lotus have strong musical backgrounds.

Feona, the lead vocalist, is originally from Edmonton, Alberta, and has been singing and writing since a very young age. John was in a group called Psychic Cowboys in Austin, Texas, now has a solo career as Psychic Cowboy. Elizabeth, of Victoria BC, is a singer/songwriter, who studied piano at the Royal Conservatory. Rachael was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, and holds music degrees in piano and flute and learned drums while managing a music school. Anne plays the upright bass and a plethora of other instruments.

Look for the band on the festival circuit, and other venues across Canada and beyond.