Lotus Pedal

Lotus Pedal


Power Trio / Rock - Alternative - Metal


Location: Cleveland Heights, OH (Cleveland, OH)
Website: www.lotuspedal.com

Lotus Pedal is a unique power trio that transends many genre. Utter Trash described Lotus Pedal as "...straddling the line between space rock and straight forward metal. Wisely varies tempo and intensity from song to song while maintaining a distinctive identity.
Paul is the most well known member of the band, having worked with The Terrible Parade, The Tellers, Hydra, Rick Ray, The Sell Outs, Illegal Dreams & ICE9. Todd has played with Redline, Illegal Dreams, Serpent & ICE9 along with studio session work at Great Tracks and Beachwood Recording Studios. Jeff has played with Redline and has a professional background in the Music Industry.

Influences: Stooges, PJ Harvey, Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, UFO, Rush, Elmore James, NIN, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Audioslave, Rainbow, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Grand Funk, Mahogany Rush, Alice Cooper, Motorhead, The Allman Brothers Band, The Black Crowes, Michael Schenker & Rory Gallagher......


Karma Soldier

Written By: Strachan/Shainoff/Brodsky

In a cloud of darkness
Rolling through the sky
The wind is rising faster
Lightning flashes by

From over the horizon
He will destroy on sight
With super tanks and birds of prey
And guided satellite

Karma Soldier, soul of steel
Karma Soldier, the earth will kneel
Karma Soldier, lights the way
Until the last day comes
Karma Soldier, marches on

A veteran of the psychic war
Back in ancient times
When he waged a battle for
The soul of all mankind

From the Taurus mountains
To the Nazca plain
With the sign of lightning
Ignite the storm of flame

Karma Soldier, soul of steel
Karma Soldier, the earth will kneel
A lightning war begins to rage
Karma Soldier, fights today

Repeat Verse 1
Repeat Refrain 1


Lotus Pedal's debut 3-song release (SECRET SPACE MACHINE, KARMA SOLDIER, SPACE CHILD) is currently receiving airplay on commercial and college radio in Northeast Ohio. This debut was produced with Don Depew who has worked with international acts such Guided By Voices, The New Bomb Turks, Wayne Kramer (ex-MC5) and his own band Breaker. Lotus Pedal has been a featured guest on Bill Peters Metal On Metal Radio show on 9/10/04 premiering "Mastodon Stomp" recorded live at Peabody's Concert Club and featuring their CD Single "Secret Space Machine". Lotus Pedal has also been featured on Cleveland area College Radio (including Mitch Kapka's "Kick Out The Jams") and commercial FM radio on Rock 107 Canton. The website www.lotuspedal.com features Secret Space Machine, Trippin' Hard, Girl On A Motorcycle,Space Child & Karma Soldier in mp3. The band is currently recording in Track 6 Studio's in Cleveland

Set List

Typical set list: Secret Space Machine/Trippin' Hard/Social Butterfly/Ultrasonic/Paybacks a Bitch/Girl on a Motorcycle/Karma Soldier/Space Child/Mastodon Stomp