For those waiting for a concert experience with the dynamics of a rock band, the dance inducing rhythms of club music, and the sophistication of modern electronica, an unlikely musical alternative has arrived in the form of the band Lotus.


Lotus is a five-piece band that has creatively fused electronic dance music with instrumental post-rock for eight years. The result is an explosive live show that has made crowds get down across the U.S., Canada, and Japan. Armed with a massive light rig and one of the most energetic shows on the circuit, Lotus proves why they have become a go-to act for late night festival slots.


Feather On Wood EP - 10/09
Oil On Glass EP - 10/09
Hammerstrike - 10/08
Copy Paste Repeat: Lotus Remixed - 11/07
Escaping Sargasso Sea - 5/07
The Strength of Weak Ties - 4/06
Nomad - 9/04
Germination - 5/03

Set List

With over 100 songs in active rotation and a large amount of improvisation at every concert to reflect the energy of the crowd and keep the room dancing, it is impossible to reduce Lotus to a specific 'set list.'