Loud apt.

Loud apt.


NYC Heavy Funk, with tightly arranged songs, but not afraid to open up on the jams. Upcoming album mixed by Bill Laswell and featuring Bernie Worrell on keyboards.


During the past three years, NYC based band Loud Apartment has blazed a trail across the city�s club scene, captivating audiences with a hybrid sound that blends rock and funk melodies with percussive Latin rhythms. Led by singer and keyboardist Nevaris, the band formed at the multimedia, multi-genre performance showcase known as Uncomun where they served as the backing band to a diverse lineup of artists including some of the best underground hip-hop, reggae, rock, funk, electronic, and Latin jazz acts in the city. Their self-titled debut album under the name Loud Apartment, now available from Nolej Records, is a striking testament to the band�s dynamic musical roots. Each track evokes a distinct mood�from the beautiful Santana-esque guitar lines on �Gimme Some Love,� the frantic intensity of �Siberia,� to the propulsive disco bass of �Hope you feel for me� that can jump-start any dancefloor. The Loud Apartment CD was produced by Nevaris and mixed by Bill Laswell (Matisyahu, Mick Jagger, Herbie Hancock) and features 13 tracks that showcase the band�s musical dexterity. Loud Apartment are naturally adept at playing numerous styles, often within the same track. This musical depth is fully showcased on tracks such as �Bliss Groove� which blends ballad-like lyrics and melody over funk beats and reggae vocals contributed by international dancehall artist Hawkman. These styles come together so seamlessly that it�s no wonder Nevaris is reluctant to categorize his music under one genre. �Call it post-funk if you must,� he says.


We have 6 tracks currently available to be downloaded on our website which will be officially released this September. We have also recorded a full album which will be released this January.

Set List

It varies, but here's a setlist of some of our favorite material

I'm a Fool
Get Something
Come Fall Apart
All My Lovers
Love the Way You Are
I like it
Hope you feel for me
Get Up Get Down
Flippin the Disco Switch
Surreal Love
So Alone