Louder Shrine

Louder Shrine

 Austin, Texas, USA

Slammin' rock from the ATX. Lotsa pounding, thoughtful originals, plus some time tested covers.


The Ward brothers (Adam and Matt) have been playing bass and guitar together off and on since around 1980. Jared Alexander picked up a guitar for the first time (at Matt's urging) at age 14. By age 16 he was playing 6th street and Red River clubs, primarily with his band The Dexters. Bobby Sheehan could drum before he could walk (check the vids if you don't believe me) and has toured and recorded for years. He's on the list for studio work at Cacophony Recording. Tim Wilkins has been in numerous bands as a singer/backup guitar since he was a kid, and loves being able to just sing.

Through a strange turn of events (isn't it always) we all first got together in early 2009. Matt, Jared, Bobby and Adam had played together (in a spare bedroom) for a couple years prior to that, but Tim was the first singer who could sing, and wasn't completely insane. So, after about 6 months of practices, we jumped on stage and have played steadily since.

Influences: Hard Rock/Metal. Name 'em...Metallica, Priest, Ozzy, Zep, Tool, AC/DC, Pantera, Sevendust, Maiden...depends on who in the band you talk to.


Check out our latest EP posted on myspace.com/loudershrine cut at Cacophony Recorders in Austin by the legendary Erik Wofford. Also check out our videos on Youtube (youtube.com/loudershrineatx), for gig footage.

Set List

Depends. We can play for about 2 hours if they let us.

But the usual is about an hour. Our last gig for example (Red Eyed Fly, 10/23/09) the 45 minute set list was something like:

1. Simple Complication (rockin' original).

2. Allright (new original, cool AC/DC type riff).

3. For the Ride

4. Download (slammin' power chord original).

5. For Whom the Bell Tolls (Metallica cover).

6. Shockwave (soft to hard original, great vocals).

7. Slipper (same, cool song)

8. Ghosts (original, might not be on the next set lists).

9. Dead End Street (rockin' slammin riff courtesy of Jared).

We have 15 or so originals (and more every month). Covers include lotsa Metallica, and I think we played some Bush before. Mostly originals.