Louder Than Quiet

Louder Than Quiet

 Upper Marlboro, Maryland, USA

We are a very diverse band and try to use many different genres but our base is alternative/ metal. We rap, scream, sing, and mix anything you can think of into our music. If we had a keyboardist we would probably be mixing techno too.lol From rapping over breakdowns to just plain hardcore metal, we try to do it all.


Louder Than Quiet(LTQ), is a metalcore five piece group from Upper Marlboro,MD .they were formally known as the eclectic band (HighBrid). were four original members(Ali, Domo, Steve, Urico), were kicked out of that program so they went off to form a more stable and musically opened band.

With each of their preferred taste in music heard and accepted they ventured off to find a new and committed drummer and after some miss hits they found a very sick and talented person named Shaq, and with that person the band (LTQ)was formed at the end of summer of 2010 and with that being stated they started making awesome music again.

LTQ plans on playing more and more shows in the future so get ready for Louder Than Quiet to hit up your location soon............. ?

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