Loudest Whisper

Loudest Whisper


Depending on who you are talking to you'll be told ... "tinges of Dylan/The Band, Neil Young, Eagles and all the other giants" but with their own unique, romantic/droll, finely tuned musicality and good taste.


Have a listen on http://www.myspace.com/loudestwhisper. The legendary Loudest Whisper have been evolving and maturing for over 35 years! They are masterful musicians and entertainers. If you don't have a good time at a Loudest Whisper gig then you an almighty hangover that you worked hard to acquire!


To get totally immersed try LOUDEST WHISPER - Magic Carpet. A delicious 6 CD Box Set from Sunbeam Records. Sunbeam can also provide the classic 1975 Celtic folk-rock concept album 'Children of Lir' on (heavy duty) vinyl or CD. For something more current get a CD or download 'Our World' at http://cdbaby.com/cd/loudestwhisper (hint: you get an 8 page mini-booklet with the CD)

Set List


Loudest Whisper's set list comprises primarily of their own songs with a few covers included. These covers are picked at random from the last list below.
The set is generally a minimum of 2 hours

The following are all written by Brian O’Reilly and published by Whisper (Fermoy) Ltd

Pied Piper
Children of the Wild Wind
Spread Your Wings
Guitar Man
Billy Boy
Too Many Questions
William B
You and I
Cold Wind Blows
Our World
Whichever Way the Wind Blows
Mad Town
Magic Carpet
Hapy Harry’s Scratch My Back Nite Club
Old Devil Blues
Mean Man
Boston City
Nightime in the City
Lonely Girl
If You Talk Too Much
Hard Times
Havin’ A Hell of a Time
Grey Skies
Rock and Roll Child

The following are all written by Brian O’Reilly and Paud O’Reilly ( B & P ) and published by Whisper (Fermoy) Ltd

Oh Lord Above

The following are all written by Oran O’Reilly and published by Whisper (Fermoy) Ltd