"Ferrocious" lead vocals, and an arsenal of guitars (the "guitarsenal"). The music...Led Zeppelin meets Soundgarden, fronted by a female Chris Cornell.


"FERRO-cious" vocalist and multi-platinum hit songwriter LORRAINE FERRO and "guitarsenal" lead
guitarist and songwriter GEOFF SOBEL showcase the power of their collective talents in their new eponymous CD, LOUDLIFE. At the core of this intense, emotional 'Soundgarden meets Led Zeppelin' sound is the push-pull dynamics of FERRO's powerhouse voice, reminiscent of a female Chris Cornell, and SOBEL's signature lead riffs, reminding fans of guitar greats Jimmy Page, Joe Perry and Randy Rhodes. At the helm of their project is producer Teddy Kumpel (Nine Inch Nails, Spin Doctors), taking the sound of LOUDLIFE to a whole new level, creating an explosive result that brings to mind Steve Tyler and Joe Perry, or Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell.

LOUDLIFE's lyrics dig deep: sacred sex, being buried alive, immortality...these are among the topics. In "May I Print," a sensuous voice asks, "Do you feel my imprint in the center of your soul? /Are you strong enough to let me make you lose control?"? And in the urgent and soul-baring "Let Go of the Wheel," a control freak struggles to break free: " Love has set my course, but I still wanna steer it" / I need to Let go of the wheel"

A LOUDLIFE live show is so powerful, listeners are left awestruck and spent at the end of the evening. FERRO and SOBEL have performed at innumerable legendary east coast clubs, including Arlene's Grocery, The Bottom Line, Fez, CBGB's, Meow Mix, and The Saint. Also on their resume are several charity shows and benefit concerts, raising money and awareness for the Battered Women's Resource Center, and the nation-wide September 11th Concert, raising funds for the children of the WTC victims.

If FERRO's voice sounds familiar, it could be that you've heard her sing on national TV and radio spots, or in live or studio performance with Ritchie Blackmore, Dar Williams, Lesley Gore, Ce Ce Wynans, or even opening for the likes of Starship and others.

In Daylle Deanna Schwartz's brand new Billboard Book entitled, "I Don't Need a Record Deal: a survival guide for the indie artist" Lorraine is included among artists and acts such as Michelle Shocked, Arrested Development, and Clint Black, and is quoted multiple times.

She was signed to EMI as a staff writer, and wrote the multi-platinum #1 singles "Stand" and "Adonai," and has won honors including a Dove Award, placement in the John Lennon Songwriting contest, a Songwriters Hall Of Fame's Abe Olman Scholarship, and this year won second overall prize in the USA Songwriting Competition, marking her second time as an award winner. She's also been a featured artist on Hit Magazine's "Buzzin Top Twenty" chart. As testament to her songwriting chops, FERRO's songs have been covered by artists ranging from Jessica Simpson to Lesley Gore on her much-touted 2005 CD, "Ever Since".

SOBEL's guitar-stylings are much sought after by the cream of NYC's up and coming independent artists, and is in demand as a studio session player. His signature lead riffs and interesting time changes are pure hard-rock genius, and he plays a fierce electric guitar adaptation of the Bach Violin Sonatas. SOBEL has also done time as a jazz musician while a student at NY's Mannes School Of Music, speaks numerous languages, including Chinese, spends time practicing the martial art of Wu-Mei, and solves calculus problems for fun.

Together, FERRO and SOBEL have created a musical coupling unlike any other. The combination of fierce vocals and furious guitar will peel the paint off your walls, and quite possibly crack your crystal chandelier.

For more info, and to see a fan filmed video, go to www.loudlifeband.com.


Tear in the Curtain

Written By: L. Ferro/ G. Sobel

There’s a tear in the curtain
There’s a rip in the seam
There’s a lie that was told to me that I eagerly believed

If I act like I’m not burning
If I beg on silent knees
Will you grant me my life’s yearning’s
Will You, will you let me live my
Will I get to live my dreams?

Cause I'm givin it up again 4x

Don’t you know I came to save you
Don’t you know who you forsake?
Is there no one who is able to see this terrible mistake?

If I act too unforgiving
If my anger seems too extreme
Will you strike me dead for living?
Or will You, will you let me live my, will I get to live my dreams?

Cause I'm givin it up again 4x

If I act too undeserving
If I call you in silent screams
Will you grant me my heart’s yearnings
Or will You, will you let me live my, will I get to live my dreams?

Let Go of the Wheel

Written By: L. Ferro / G. Sobel

My heart moves in me so deep I can hear it
Thumping loud with life when you're near it
All of me is part of you, sometimes I fear it
Love has set my course, but I still wanna steer it
Yeah, Love has set my course, but I still wanna steer it

Whisper in my ear, tell me where we're going
So lost at sea don't know which way the wind is blowing
So it comes down once again to just this glimpse of knowing

I need to
Let Go of the Wheel 4x

Stillness isn't speaking, but I hear Her sighing
Maybe I just wore her out from all my trying
Making molehills into mountains so that I can keep on climbing
But why do all of that when I could be flying?
Yeah, why do all that work when I could be flying?

'Greater is he who believes', and I wanna
Empty my bowl for some better karma
But isn't there another way to reach nirvana?

Let Go of the Wheel (repeated)

(guitar solo)

Oh, my heart moves in me so sweet I can taste it
Pumping loud with life, don't wanna waste it
All of me is ready to be more than complacent

Love has set my course, just relax and embrace it
Yeah, Love has set my course just relax & embrace it
Love has set my course, I'm gonna let love take it, yeah
Let go, let go of the

Let go of the Wheel (repeated)
Let it all go, let it all go...let go, let go...

Far Below the Surface

Written By: L. Ferro / G. Sobel

Far Below the Surface
L. Ferro/G. Sobel

My eyes are dead, the light is gone and no one hears the scream
I smell the earth, and breathe it in stuff down this waking dream
And no one knows, they see the shell and think they see the man
Too full of fear, to see themselves as
Far Below the Surface as I am
Far Below the Surface as I am
Far Below the Surface

So get your shovel and pail ‘cause this jail’s too small and all the walls are caving in

**Break Me, mend me, save me, spend me, rake me, rend me
Give me a reason, give me a reason to live

I know your name, but I can’t dare to taste it on my tongue
Forgive my pride, for I have sinned by leaving songs unsung
Your hand is cold, but you can melt the snow upon the sand
Oh can’t you see, don’t wanna be as
Far Below the Surface as I am
Far Below the Surface as I am
Far Below the Surface

So get your hammer and pick, cause I’m sick of all of this and the ice is getting thicker


I can only see the light with closed eyes
I can only feel your heart beat from my closed cell
I can only imagine heaven from this hell

So don’t think it’s all a dream, cause when you hear my screams you’ll be screaming with me
Break Me, mend me, save me, spend me, rake me, rend me
Give me a reason, give me a reason to
Love me, leave me, drug me, bleed me, touch me, redeem me
Give me a reason, give me a reason, give me a reason to live


Some facts:
CD "LoudLife" - band: LoudLife - produced by Teddy Kumpel
CD "Come Here Go Away" - band: G-Spot, produced by Lorraine Ferro '04
CD "Past Times With Good Company" band: Blackmore's Night (Ritchie Blackmore) Live double album - Lorraine featured singer- '04
CD "Sounds of Hope NYC" - 9/11 charity CD compilation '02
CD "Languishing In Turbulence"- artist: Lorraine Ferro - produced by Teddy Kumpel '01
"Adonai" - multi platinum #1 CCM single from CD "Testify", and "Wow-best of the '90s" - band: Avalon - co-written by Lorraine Ferro '99, won Dove Award for Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year
"Stand" - multi platinum #1 CCM single from CD "So Far", and "Wow '96" -(Sparrow) artist: Susan Ashton - co-written by L. Ferro '96
"Feed the Fire" - single - artist: Jessica Simpson co-written by Lorraine Ferro '96

Set List

The songs are always changing and being added to depending on what we've been writing, but here's a current sample list:
Cradle to Crypt
Let Go of the Wheel
May I Print
Free From the Fall
Turn the Page Over
Step Away
Tear in the Curtain
Tomorrow's Ground
Far Below the Surface

Sets are typically 40-45 minutes long, though we love to play, so we'll go as long as the gig will let us! When we're asked to do covers, a typical sample would be songs like "No Quarter", "Man in the Box", and "Bring Me to Life", but we also play more raucous party rock.