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""Loud Music for Loud People""

You know what they say about a really good band? You think they sound like something you have heard before but you can’t quite pin down exactly who they sound like. That is immediately what went through my head. I racked my brain trying to come up with the band these guys sound like. I could come up with bands that they share qualities with, but nothing that pinned them down.

Punk rock is the driving force behind the music and fans of any of punk’s sub-genres should be able to find something they like about this band.

So here’s the skinny: Loud Music for Loud People is a stellar debut for a local Cincinnati punk band looking to break into the national scene. I have no doubt in my mind that this band has the potential to garner fans domestically and abroad. Granted, the scene is capricious and who knows what kind of publicity will follow but Loudmouth has the potential to be more than just another Cincinnati band that is here today and gone tomorrow. I will go so far to say this is a strong contender in my top ten of the year thus far, and that is putting it in the ranks of Banner Pilot, American Steel and Dear Landlord.
- Cincypunk.org

"Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week"

Loudmouth is a ska/punk band that is serious about partying. 5 guys from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky that play loud, fast, and tight, reminiscent of the early Fat Wreck bands. They do this without sounding like a regurgitation of the past, and without losing their sense of fun or humor. "We like to have fun, and we like to play music, if we can combine those things and make a living out of it, then that's the life we want to live." says Mike their guitar player and co-founder. Relatively young as a band, at 7 months old Loudmouth have played with national touring acts Deals Gone Bad, Mustard Plug, The Swellers and the Flatliners, and recently coordinated/headlined a Valentines day party that was the first ever all local show to sell out the venue. The age of the band is not necessarily indicative of the individual musicians experience as each member comes from previous, locally successful bands, The Proles, Dexter, Who's Driving and Bret Summe and the Buds. With shredding guitar, thunderous drums, a bassline that never sits still and a singer that delivers sincerity and soul, Loudmouth creates "a fresh brand of smart punk" that you want to party to. "It's all about having a good time, not just us, but the crowd, the point of going to a show is to have fun, dance, and well... be a loudmouth. All our friends are loudmouth's all of us are loudmouth's especially when we drink, so it's more of a gang then a band, we're just the soundtrack to the party- a party full of fun loving punk rocking Loudmouths!" - Sharon (Shaz) Miller "Rock Princess"

"Loudmouth Show Review"

Snow on the ground, freezing ass air. This
ain’t FUCKING Venice beach Cabrone! But the
sounds from the Blue Rock tell me otherwise.
Loudmouth’s playing and with the mix of SoCal
Ska and dub punk influence in the air….My
mind tells me it might not be Venice
beach……..but it sure sounds like it.
As Loudmouth begins to play, I forget about the
ice that’s forming on the windshield of my car.
I’m thinking about drinking 40’s down at the
break, sand in my Vans and some fine ass Hyna
in my arms. I don’t know if these guys have
even ever visited SoCal, but they do it well.

Brett’s back on the skins switching gears
from dub to heavy rock groove without even
using the clutch. Jack’s on bass keeping the
rhythm and walking the groove like a pimp out
collecting his cash on a Friday night.. Mike and
Adam are on guitar and guess what? They fucking
rock! With complimenting guitar riffs, good
tone coming from the amps, these two are like
Fred & Barney at a bedrock bowling match. Tim
brings it all together singing and screaming,
keeping the freaks in the crowd in a frenzy.

Bands never like hearing…”you sound like this,
or you sound like these guys” BUT …If Sublime,
Bad Religion, & Sum 41 had a threesome,
LOUDMOUTH would be their spawn. And they
would do their Daddy’s proud (wait…3 Dads? That’s really
fucked up…la la la happy place, happy place)

Anyways, bottom line is that LOUDMOUTH
serves up a fresh plate of smart punk,
much needed in the ‘Natti. For upcoming
shows check out the Handbasket Kalendar
or check out their myspace page at
- El Rey- Hell in a Handbasket Zine


Loudmouth Soup E.P.
Loud Music For Loud People



In their first 6 months as a band Loudmouth scored shows with national touring acts Mustard Plug, Deals Gone Bad, The Swellers, and the Flatliners- all had only great things to say about Loudmouth afterwards. On their 7 month anniversary Loudmouth had already played to packed crowds in their hometown of Cincinnati, neighbors Indianapolis, Dayton, Ohio, Oxford Ohio and their debut headlining show saw the first sell out crowd for a local show at Covington Kentucky's the Mad Hatter. Now established as THE punk/ska/party band in the area, Loudmouth is setting out to dominate the rest of the midwest and the country. Kids dance like crazy whether it's their first or fifteenth time seeing Loudmouth. Shows are set up like a party, which provides a great atmosphere for a high energy punk/ska/rock band reminiscent of the eary Fat Wreck era.