Punk rock you want to party to! Loud, Fast, Melodic, and Fun, this punk/ska/rock blend features shredding guitar, thundering drums, a bass line that never sits still and a front man that knows how to work the crowd.Loudmouth knows how to party and everyone is invited to dance sing and be a Loudmouth


In their first 6 months as a band Loudmouth scored shows with national touring acts Mustard Plug, Deals Gone Bad, The Swellers, and the Flatliners- all had only great things to say about Loudmouth afterwards. On their 7 month anniversary Loudmouth had already played to packed crowds in their hometown of Cincinnati, neighbors Indianapolis, Dayton, Ohio, Oxford Ohio and their debut headlining show saw the first sell out crowd for a local show at Covington Kentucky's the Mad Hatter. Now established as THE punk/ska/party band in the area, Loudmouth is setting out to dominate the rest of the midwest and the country. Kids dance like crazy whether it's their first or fifteenth time seeing Loudmouth. Shows are set up like a party, which provides a great atmosphere for a high energy punk/ska/rock band reminiscent of the eary Fat Wreck era.


Loudmouth Soup E.P.
Loud Music For Loud People

Set List

The Mess
Beer Pressure
Mutton Chops
The Root
Underground Lost and Found
No Opnions
Shoulda Known
Black Tornado
Cover song- generally a NOFX cover
Left Behind
-quick goodnight-
Take a Shit
Brown song