Tim Ned

Tim Ned

 Houston, Texas, USA
SoloHip HopPop

Living Out Ur Dreams or L.O.U.D. MUZIK is not your ordinary Record Company!! We pride ourselves in being able to deliver timeless music, creative marketing, & the brightest stars of tomorrow.
Tim Ned is our debut artist. Discovering him was catching lighting in a bottle for our label. His talents stretch way beyond rapping, and singing. He is a very accomplished producer & songwriter as well. His debut release SkyHigh the Mixtape has recieved rave revues. His first single Chuck


Timothy Ned aka Tim Ned was born on October 20, 1982,in Fort Worth, Texas and grew up as a military brat. In the mid 90s, his family settled in Houston, Texas and his love for music began to develop; my love for music flowed through me at a young age, the rhythms and melodies were like blood in my veins. Through his high school years he began to establish a name for himself as a producer among local artists.

As his career developed, in 2008 Tim was fortunate to obtain placement on CSI New York with the song Automatic performed by The Clarke Boys. He continued to produce for more established artists such as Slim Thug, Killa Kyleon, Nipsey Hussle, Kiotti to name a few. With Tims buzz growing, the following year, he released the mixtape Sky High with the lead single Chuck Taylors. The mixtape received rave reviews as he solidified a strong online presence.

The future is looking bright for Tim Ned. The world has yet heard the good music that will come out of this crafty artist. I believe God has given me a gift in music to bring people together and rejoice. It has given me a vision to be able to dream as a child and go after my purpose in life.