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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Lufthansa Magazine"

3-page feature from the 08/07 issue - 1.2million readers, article written by Rene Springer.
- distributed worldwide

"Chic Today"

„Louie Austen manages to sustain the element of class that the rat-pack possessed whilst adding an extra spark of modern originality.“ - UK

"Dazed & Confused"

“Lounge wizard Louie Austen resembles nothing less than your devilishly dashing bachelor uncle. His English is straight out of a Sinatra comedy and his conversation is littered with `50s showbiz expressions.” - DAZED & CONFUSED


„On `Disco Dancer` he saunters round the stage, lapping up the attention and moistening the knickers of every person at Fabric with a mere wink and a nod of his head. The dirty old bastard.“ - NME

"Record Collector"

"Trademark quirky electronic pop!!! Think Frank Sinatra meets glitschy dirty electronica!!" - RECORD COLLECTOR


“Edle Stoffe, gepflegtes Understatement und zur richtigen Zeit eine gute Portion ungezügelter Ekstase machen Austens Auftritte immer zu einem Event der Sonderklasse.” - LAUT.DE


„Komplett in Neonlicht getaucht und dazu Louie Austen– Spart euch den Flug nach Nevada, bewahrt euch vor der Spielsucht und geht eine Runde tanzen!“ - SPEX


“Noch besser als jemals zuvor. So glamourös kann also das Altern sein.” - MOTOR.DE


“Louie Austen weiss seinen Novelty-Schmäh so einzusetzen, dass er in beiden Welten geliebt wird: im Unterground-Club gleichermassen wie beim Ärztekongress. `Iguana` geht runter wie ein geschüttelter Martini.” - INTRO


“Dem verführerischen Charme das Altmeisters erliegt die Clubszene schnell.“ - MTV


"CONSEQUENCES" (Cheap 1999)

"ONLY TONIGHT"(Cheap/Kitty-Yo 2001)

"AMORE (Single; Cheap/Kitty-Yo 2001)

"HOPING" (Single; Cheap/Kitty-Yo 2002)

"EASY LOVE" (Cheap/Kitty-Yo 2003)


"MORE" (Single; Universal 2005)

"HEAVEN'S FLOOR" (EP; Universal 2005)


"IGUANA" (album; klein records 2006)

"DISCO DANCER" Remixes (12inch; klein records 2006)

SUMMER LOVE EP (EP; LA Music / klein records, 2007)

"REALITY EP"(EP; LA Music / klein records 2007)

OUT SOON: "TOO GOOD TO LAST EP" (EP; LA Music / klein records 2008)



„Art must be a matter of life and death – otherwise it’s not art“ is Louie´s sincere conviction. And so is "I´ll never retire, I´ll probably die on stage but I don´t give a fuck!" One thing the Viennese Electro-crooner doesn’t go for is doing things by half. Whatever he does is done with his fullest commitment – and often regardless of the consequences. Admittedly, this reckless attitude has gotten him into serious trouble time and again. And yet it also made him what he is today: a man who finds himself an upcoming and sought-after artist whose career hasn’t yet reached its climax.

There’s a lot going on in Louie Austen’s life: Touring all around the globe, having released his latest album "Iguana" in 2006 & in 2007 the "Summer Love EP" and "Reality EP" on internationally renowned klein records and on his own label, LA Music. Late July 2008 marks the release of the TOO GOOD TO LAST EP Louie recorded with Vredeber Albrecht known from Commercial Breakup & former keys-man of Blumfeld. Of course master Austen is already working on another full-length album to see the light in 2009.

Apart from all that jazz Louie is having a singer part in an adaptation of the Nestroy play "Höllenangst" at the Viennese "Burgtheater" 2008 for the first time with guest performances in Bolzano/Italy and Munich/Germany. Of course Mr. Austen is still regularly swooning and crooning at the Vienna Marriott hotel.

And he´s got his fingers in the film bizness also - the movie he had a cameo in as gambler; "The Counterfeiters / Die Fälscher" of Stefan Ruzowitzky; got an OSCAR for best foreign movie.

Mr. Austen is doing numerous collaborations - like with the cool cats of Senor Coconut whom Louie recorded a cover of "Dreams (Are My Reality)" with. Furthermore he´s to join them on a couple of European dates as special guest on their AROUND THE WORLD TOUR in spring/summer 2008 - as in the tour dates section.

But moment, how did this man get started??? Time for a flashback: In 1999, the bustling Viennese Electro scene gives birth to a new and surprising idea. A Viennese electronic producer contrasts his experimental electronic tracks with Louie Austen’s velvety voice. He had run into the classic jazz crooner in a studio and immediately proposed a collaboration.

Austen, then 53 years old, had already led an eventful life in various parts of the world and could look back on an equally eventful performing career. After immigrating to South Africa and Australia he had performed in clubs and on stages in New York, Pittsburgh and Las Vegas during the 70s. After his return to Vienna, the crooner entertained the guests at the Klimt-Bar of the Vienna Hilton before he took over the entire entertainment for the Marriott Hotel. A safe job and well paid, too. Additionally, Austen wrote and produced shows like “Viva Las Vegas“ or “American Superstars“, played parts in several movies and toured both Europe and the USA with show programmes.

Yet Austen is intrigued by the electronic beats and sounds of the young generation. When the first album “Consequences“ (1999) is well received in the club scene and the first concerts turn out promising, Louie makes a courageous decision. “I decided there and then to resign from all other jobs and to completely dedicate myself to this new project for a period of two years“, he recalls. “I reflected that, if I’d find myself in the street after those two years, I’d have to go back to my old jobs. But I wanted to try out this new direction under all circumstances – I simply had to.“

It was a decision that was true to the nature of a man who sees himself as always searching and filled with a childlike curiosity. Who is always ready to accept new challenges and gladly accepts the fact that not all of them can pay off. But Austen simply abhors routines and artistic stagnation. “To try something new every single day – that’s what keeps me alert and on the ball, young and active.“

Naturally Austen wasn’t prepared to terminate the experiment after two years. Instead he collaborated with Viennese electronics pioneers on two more albums, “Only Tonight“ (2001) and “Easy Love“ (2003). Austen appreciates that his involvement with electronic music was a stroke of luck for him. “A very special phase of my career began when I was 53“, he gratefully acknowledges, “from which my life has enormously benefited over the last years, since I can perform my own songs and find an audience for them.” His new music allows Austen a transformation from a pure entertainer, who assumes the roles of those he pays tribute to, into an artist in his own right, no less. “I’m quite grateful for having followed my instincts back then, despite the fact that some of my friends tried to dissuade me“, he says retrospectively. Part of Louie Austen’s appeal lies in the fact that he has not entirely discarded the entertainer in this metamorphosis. He brought many things along for the ride, and his know-how of how to entertain with ver