Louie Fortune

Louie Fortune


Enigetic gospel tunes caters for young and old.Keep up with the times and the blessing of God will always be with our music


I was born in Elsies River, Cape Town South Africa as one of eleven children to the Fortune Family. Since my birth I suffered from asthma, but the faith of my mother was so strong that by the grace of God I was healed. Since that time I decided to follow Jesus Christ.
During my teens I join the youth choir as a tenor and my love for Gospel Music just grow day by day. In the 1980’s I form a gospel group NEW CREATION, this was a vocal group performing with one guitar at various churches in our communities. We performed with New Life Singers, Reliance, Tommy Saaidon and many more. We later form a group CHARISMA. Charisma was a group with the vision to DISCOVER TALENT AND TO DEVELOP TALENT. We had lots of success stories about young people who still use the talent to the Glory of God.
I later become involve in the Gospel Music Scene by joining various organizations like HopeSA and more.
In 2005, I came to Ireland with one thing in mind to promote South African Gospel Music outside the boarders of South Africa. In 2006 I put South Africa on the map of Karaoke World Championship. This was the first time in the history of South Africa to represented at this championship with one contestant that gain second place out of 30 countries in Finland.
The anchor in my life was and still today is Gospel Music; in 2007 I started a non profit organization SOUTH AFRICAN SON RISE. The main aim and objective of this organization is to promote Cape Town Gospel Music. We have a privilege to have close relationships with Allou April, Neville Hendricks, Wilmot Fredericks, Christian Explainers, Chrystal Swanson, Donovan Alexander and many more.
SOUTH AFRICAN SON RISE establishes strong links throughout the world with the latest link in France.
For more information regarding SASONRISE and how you can help, please feel free to email us at info@sasonrise.com


Songs of Hope release 2009.
1. I'll praise Him
2. Why
3. Calvary
4. Failte
5. Able
6. He is
7. Prophet
8. Come to the cross
9. And I dont suppose
10. I'll be a winner

Set List

I write my own songs and my set range from 15min to 30min