Louie Romero Y su Grupo Mazacote

Louie Romero Y su Grupo Mazacote


The music can be described as "fiesta en el barrio" with 1960s-70s old-school Salsa and Latin Jazz performed by a happening cast of musicians who bring it all up to date with modern ideas and skill.


Latin percussion legend Louis Romero first came to salsa fans' attention on recordings with Celia Cruz, Willie Colón, and Hector Lavoe, and on dozens of other classic Fania Records releases.
Now living in San Francisco, Romero leads Grupo Mazacote, one of the area's most respected Salsa and Latin Jazz ensembles. The album's original compositions, passionate performances, and expressive solos reveal the band members' love for Salsa and Latin Jazz.
"Timbalero" is a strong statement to the world that Salsa and Latin Jazz are thriving in Northern California!


'Timbalero' 2006
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Set List

1. Timbalero (mambo, Willie Colon)
2. Si Tu No, La Otra (mambo, Luis Kalaff)
3. Lou’s Afro Cuban Blues (latin jazz, Jules Rowell)
4. Radio Tinguaro (guajira, Franco Marrero & Jose Carrion)
5. One for Louie (latin jazz, Steffen Kuehn)
6. Yembere (descarga, Johnny Pacheco)
7. Sky Blue (latin jazz, Paul Lyons)
8. Como se llama (cha cha, Paul Lyons)
9. Pintura Y Capota (bomba, Traditional, arr. By Mazacote)
10. Mazacote Jam (descarga, Louie Romero, Pete Cornell, Manny Martinez)