Louisa Lyne & di Yiddishe Kapelye

Louisa Lyne & di Yiddishe Kapelye


Yiddish - a language of darkness and misery, but also of passion and joy! All aspects of life are present in its beautiful but long-forgotten songs and poetry.


Louisa Lyne is an established singer and performer
based in Malmö, Sweden. For several years she has mainly
focused on songs in Yiddish and their history.
In 2009 Louisa started to perform on a permanent basis with
the fantastic musicians that form the ensemble “Di Yiddishe
Kapelye”, consisting of accordion, violin, cello, double bass,
guitar and piano. This proved to be the perfect combination!
With Louisa’s charismatic song and the atmosphere generated
by the skilled musicians, this group has captivated and
delighted audiences in various parts of the world.


2012, Debyut, MaestroMusic