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Louise Coleman

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"Gig review"

"You played an awesome set last night. We were stoked we came and saw you play!! it made our night!! You're absolutely killing it live, Simon and I were impressed. I knew i'd bring him along as he always plays live and he knows his talent. We're really keen to go to another gig soon!!
- Fan posting

"Gig review"

Hi Louise - congratulations on last night's show, you are a beautiful singer and such a talented songwriter. Hope to see you sing again very soon. - Posting from support act

"Beautiful voice"

"You know it is not fair...all your friends and family get to see you perform, but us New Yorkers get left out in the cold. You have a beautiful voice and you now have a fan for life" - Fan posting


Louise Coleman - Yours To Find EP (2006)

Louise Coleman EP (2008)

Tracks streaming on MySpace:
-Pictures (soundbyte)
-Mobile Home (soundbyte)
-Saturn (soundbyte)
-On Your Command (soundbyte)
-That Pendulum Swing
-Away With You



Louise Coleman takes longer than most to recount her life thus far. A childhood of great successes and glory, a career planned from the age of 7, before a sudden and devastating blow which ended the dreams of her whole life to that point. And all before she was 16! Yes, hers is an interesting story...

Louise has been onstage all of her life, as a dancer, and it’s always been where she's felt most comfortable. She did her first ballet concert when she was 3 years old and for the next 13 years she rarely left the stage. She partook in numerous local and national competitions with great success and completed all her exams with Honours, and by the time she was 13 Louise was accepted into the Australian Ballet School in Melbourne, her goal for many years and the highest privilege for ballet dancers in Australia. After two years however, the School regrettably informed her that due to her height she would not be able to continue into professional ballet studies with them.

Now aged 15, Louise left school to study ballet full-time in Sydney, in preparation for the continuation of her career overseas. Following a year of intense training she travelled to Switzerland to compete in the Prix de Lausanne, the biggest ballet competition in the world and a scouting place for directors of companies from all countries, with every intention of remaining abroad. Yet here again, each and every director informed Louise that due to her height they would be unable to accept her into their schools – she was never even able to audition. There is a shortage of tall male dancers and accordingly, a female ballet dancer can only be of average height at best.

It was clear that Louise's long-held dreams of dancing professionally had now been taken away from her. Devastated, she returned to Sydney and to high school and completed her HSC with fantastic results (a UAI of 97.5). It was during these years that she discovered a new passion, for singing and for crafting new and meaningful music. She began to appear in club-run talent quests around Sydney, for experience and to satisfy the ever-present, burning desire in her to perform, and chose not to accept the scholarship offered to her to study Medical Science and Law at university, in preference for pursuing her musical ambitions. She began to teach herself the piano and the guitar, and in 2006 recorded an EP of five original songs (on a rather limited budget) and began performing these and a number of other songs in venues around Sydney, accompanying herself on the keys.

After 12-18 months she had managed to save enough money to record a second EP of greater quality, and early in 2008 she worked with producer Paul Baker to complete the four-track ‘Louise Coleman EP’ which shows marked growth in her skills as a songwriter and musician, and a greater consistency in musical direction. The opening track 'Pictures' is a comical and honest (albeit cryptic) recount of her first time travelling through Europe alone, and a solid representation of her lyrical and musical style at its best. Her style is melodic and warm, her lyrics unusually thought-provoking and her vocals versatile and genuine.

Louise is inspired by music with beautiful melodies and clever lyrics, in particular artists like Neil Finn, Missy Higgins and Paul Kelly. Her songs are accessible and relevant, and reflective of her disdain for the so-called 'disposable' nature of contemporary popular music. They are painted with delightful and uncompromising originality in lyrics, be they vivid and descriptive, or heartfelt and almost child-like in their yearning, and always with those gorgeous melodies that will have you singing along the way you did in the 60s. It's been a long wait..