Louise Killeen

Louise Killeen


My music could be described as a cross between indie, folk and pop. The songs appeal to all ages but has a made its biggest impact on the gay and lesbian community throughout Ireland..
I can play solo but also with a band depending on the type of gig.


Louise Killeen is a singer/songwriter from Shannonbridge, Co Offaly, Ireland.

She has been the winner of two national song contests including the Kiltimagh performance and songwriting competition and the Clonmel song contest.

She has been described as one of Ireland "best songwirters" and received national acclaim as she progressed through to the finals of RTE's Your A Star competition singing her own compositions.

Louise recorded her first album entitled 'Stars In The Morning' in 2005 and her Brand new 2nd album 'Brilliant Tease' is out Now.



Written By: Louise Killeen

I must be starstruck, or whatever can explain these feelings
one look, and you're falling like a star and seeing her sky,
and nothing in between,
she is the measure of my dreams.
verse 2
It must be our luck to have met in such a way, do you feel that our luck, was it faith now I can't say, I'm hearing her voice and nothing in between, she is the measure of my dreams.
And so now you know what I think about at night in my bed what I dream about,
You only you and nobody else, all of your words from letters sent
a picture I see when I close my eyes, you when I laugh and you when you cry,
it's taking your hand when we're on the street watching you dream when you fall asleep
it's you and your way that I can't describe,
how she makes me feel alive, she makes me feel alive

repeat 1st verse and chorus


"Stars In The Morning" 1st album released in 2005.
2000 cd's sold from gigs and online.
"Brilliant Tease" released in Janurary 2011.
Track 2 entitled "coalmines" has been played on RTE radio one on
the John Creedon show.
"ease up on me dear" "coalmines" charming hands" and "easy talk" all from the new album can be listened to on www.reverbnation/louisekilleen