Louise Lambert

Louise Lambert


Cabaret jazz artist Louise sings blue eyed soul and writes heart felt songs about love and peace and Delivery Boys. Her 'Peace In Our Hearts' song held the #3 AC spot in Canada. She uplifts the whole audience - who sing along to a century of songs, Motown hits, and a Little Help From My Friends


Born to a musical family in upstate N.Y., Louise honed her skills in Toronto, Canada, and now calls Maui, Hawaii home.
Plays Music and Jazz Festivals, concerts, clubs Internationally, records many originals. Working on first CD release. Louise can perform solo piano/vocals or a band sized according to budget, from a small combo to an 18 pieced Big Band. Louise sings and writes from her heart and can teach others how to do it! She leads singing workshops internationally as well!


Peace In Our Hearts

Written By: Louise Lambert& Dalton Kehoe

Peace In Our Hearts c.1986 Louise Lambert and Dalton Kehoe

Everyday worlds are born and worlds die away
Seems like, now the world’s so small, we see it all right here on our TV

Seems like, the more we bridge the distance, the harder it becomes for us to see
well, if all the world’s a stage, we’re actors in a play
with an ancient script of fear and doubt and greed
to write another page, to find a better way
Reverence for life is what we need

For Peace in our World, Peace in our country, for Peace on our street
Peace at our house, It all starts with Peace In Our Hearts

We fear the dark, we mortgage all our future to keep the hooded horseman from the door
We’re talking peace while building bigger weapons, so he’s closer than he ever was before
In the land of the free and the home of the brave, why do so many people need a gun
If it were just you and me, the world could be safe,
‘cause deep inside we know what must be done


Seems like there’s something we forgot, something real close to home
As we see life through the eyes of a child,
we find again the truth we’ve always known



Peace In Our Hearts
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Set List

Eclectic Originals, Broad range of covers from the past century, sing-alongs,
specializing in 40's Swing and 60's Motown, Beatles, Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Carole King, Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Ella Fitzgerald