Louise Van Aarsen

Louise Van Aarsen

 Stoneham, Massachusetts, USA

On her debut album "DESTINY", LOUISE presents 14 original songs: stirring and poignant life stories with universal appeal. With her producer, master jazz vocalist REBECCA PARRIS, and a pristine band of jazz musicians, she creates a panorama of unique and memorable music.


This jazz newcomer is a breath of fresh air..
---- Ken Franckling JAZZ NOTES

"JAZZ is a land of interpreters and only occasionally of singer-songwriters. Yet Louise Van Aarsen, a Dutch-born, Boston-based jazz vocalist, has arrived on the scene with a whole album of fresh original songs and a unique voice.....an impressive debut CD.... all sorts of styles, including swing, Latin, fusion, and lush balladry.... The instrumental details support and never distract from Louise's storytelling, which always rings true."
---- JAMES GAVIN, author of Jazz biographies on Chet Baker, Lena Horne, and Peggy Lee

We can only hear My funny Valentine" so many times. One way that an artist may address standards fatigue is to avoid them altogether and write own songs. This is exactly what Louise Van Aarsen has done in contemporary and lasting style..The results are plush and adult; thoughtful arrangements and hyper-exact contemporary jazz production Van Aarsen's voice is no- nonsense and very easy on the ear. Her writing plumbs the depths of the commonplace while making them not seem such. We must wonder where she goes from here
---- C. Michael Bailey, ALL ABOUT JAZZ


LOUISE VAN AARSEN, a Dutch native, has had a passion for music, vocal jazz in particular, since her teenage years. She moved to Boston with a Ph.D. in cancer biology to pursue her career in science, and further novel cancer therapies. In parallel, she has continually pursued opportunities to perform in venues featuring jazz and musical theatre, both in the Netherlands and the U.S. Over the past few years, she started writing her own melodies and lyrics; poignant stories and memorable compositions with a unique jazz standard-esque flavor. In a wonderful collaboration with Ton Scheer, Doug Hammer and Rebecca Parris, this work has culminated in 14 original songs that were recently recorded with some of Bostons finest jazz musicians.

THE "DESTINY" BAND's incredible lineup includes: Pianists Doug Hammer, Russ Hoffmann, and Paul McWilliams, together with Claudio Ragazzi (guitar), Oscar Stagnaro (bass), Mike Turk (harmonica), Arnie Krakowsky (tenor sax), Jim Lattini (drums), and Mike Ringquist (percussion). A number of songs feature a string section (beautifully arranged by Claudio Ragazzi), featuring Eugene Friesen and members of his Berklee World Strings, who add exquisite icing to the delicious musical cake. Last but not least, Rebecca Parris also lends her grand voice to a few of these special new songs.

LOUISE tells moving stories, ranging from the heartbreaking account of her mother's loss of memory by Alzheimers captured in a beautiful tango-style melody ("Remember"), to the inspiring jazz waltz "Someone" that breathes the joyful hope for a significant love, or the fusion-funky tune "Lately" that reflects on the fleeting of time. In between the tender jazz ballad written for "Estelle", the title song "Destiny" which tells the story of the love that founded her family, and the danceable latin pop tune "Miss You Till I See You", she even paired up with (the heritage of) Franz Liszt to weave his immortal "Liebestraum" melody into a hauntingly touching ode to lost parents, in the classically inclined "Dream of Love". And that covers only half of the story!

ALL of Louise's songs are clearly and utterly personal yet universal in their appeal. The person that you meet face-to-face, is the same on stage or in the tender and passionate lyrics of her first album, and destined to touch your heart.

("DESTINY" - Recorded, mixed and mastered by Peter Kontrimas, PBS Studios, Westwood, MA - CD release May 2012)

Louise Van Aarsen
Doug Hammer
Rebecca Parris
Ton Scheer
Russ Hoffmann
Claudio Ragazzi (strings)


"Destiny", released May 8 2012

Set List

jazz standards and originals