Louis Grassi

Louis Grassi

 Portland, Maine, USA

23-year old singer-songwriter with a unique heart that shines through in his truthfully raw song craft


Born-and-bred Mainer, 23-year old Louis Grassi has always possessed a desire to entertain. At 15, he carried out that innate wish when he started taking guitar lessons. Strumming, finger-picking, and jamming along for family, friends, and other lovely humans, he decided to pursue music further and began penning original songs. After being encouraged to utilize his vocal talents more publicly, this young singer-songwriter had quickly established himself as a passionate, multi-dimensional musician.

Grassi wanted so badly to play in front of people. He was dying to try his hand at it. He eventually performed on all sorts of stages throughout southern Maine during his high school and early college career. The musician sought out gigs at churches, schools, theaters; holiday events, wedding ceremonies, and private parties. Word of 'Louis Grassi, the musician' began to circulate.

In 2009, Lou expressed interest in recording his first compilation made up entirely of original tunes. The lo-fi "Mystery of Myself" was then released in the summer of '09, and it featured four of the singer's very own compositions. Available primarily as an MP3 download, 'Mystery' was released through prominent online music vendors ITunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and CDBaby, the world's leading distributor of indie music. A year and a half later, Louis released two more EPs, which surrounded the unveiling of his debut, full-length album entitled "Manifestation." The creation of the LP was totally funded by Lou himself, and the majority of its songs were written, performed, recorded, and produced in his Portland, Maine apartment, completely independently. Early 2011 marked the start of a national radio campaign in which Louis became involved, that promoted his endearing single "Scrap Paper." The song became a staple on internet radio of the Americana genre, and averaged 200+ spins a week.

Louis Grassi constantly fights the battle to be heard in a world of infinite indie artists. However, what sets this music man apart is that inspiration and enthusiasm are the sole tools by which he uses to write, sing, and play.

And that will never change.


Manifestation - LP - 2010/11
Haywire - EP - 2010
Scrap Paper - Single - 2010
Mystery of Myself - EP - 2009