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Louis Mackey

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop


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"FREENESS: Louis Mackey – Destroyer of All Things"

Thanks to Justin from World Around Records for sending this goodness.

Destroyer Of All Things is an instrumental EP by Louis Mackey released last summer by World Around Records in conjunction with Potholes In My Blog...an album with a whole lot of personality and chill factor to it...download and chillax to these weekend vibes. - World Is Bond


Coming from the somewhat left-field hip-hop realm of World Around Records, I knew immediately that I was in for a trip with Dr. Quandary’s Beyond All Spheres of Force and Matter. What I didn’t know was just how funky and lush of a trip it would be. The good Doctor has laced together quite a record here, building layer upon layer of sampled grooves and instrumentation. I for sure thought this would equate to mood music and, to an extent, I was right. Those not ready to drift through Quandary’s spacey medicine might get lost in his worldliness. But beat-heads and those with a soft-spot for instrumental-hop will be right at home here, especially with highlights like album-opener “Ekbat de Sebat” and the brooding, haunting “Ziusudra”. – Andrew Martin - potholesinmyblog.com

""Audial Journey""

The hip hop world has many faces, some which have been defined as set styles that artists usually seem to fall under, categorized by the tempo of their rhythms, the images invoked by their melodies, or the content of their lyrics. This type of labelling can be found in most every genre of music. But, like all things, when a form of art becomes uninspiring and edgeless, there are those who strive to destroy the mold and reconstruct its definition. These are the artists that are well respected and admired within their musical communities. One of these artists is Dr. Quandary.
Extracting bits and pieces of sound from a wide range of influences, Dr. Quandary delivers soundscapes that seem to vary with each production he emits. His beats can offer you a rush of energy that makes it an obligation to get up and dance, lull you into a state of trance that allows you to travel to distant worlds, or take you on an introspective journey through your own thoughts. His lyrics can pretty much do the same thing, through the more intense and personal level of language. The result is a specific mood that envelops you from beginning to end.
"I'm a very visual person", the doctor replied when asked about the most important factors of his productions. "No matter how a project begins, I always associate my music with some kind of picture, and I do my best to produce around that so that my audience can draw the same image. A good example would be 'Marrakesh, 1967'. It's epic; the sound struck me as very dark and mysterious, and it has that sort of Middle Eastern element to it. I was instantly reminded of James Bond and Henry Ipcress; these famous heroes of espionage and the seedy underground cultures that exist in their stories. I drew a vivid image of a night-time car chase through the narrow streets of a Moroccan city, so i did my best to emphasize those qualities, and ultimately, I feel like it paints a very effective picture for the listener."
And it most certainly does.
No matter who he works with, the sounds and elements of his imagination shine through and add a unique emphasis on the overall feel of the track. I had the privelege of working with him on a remix of an older classic, 'Appliance Alliance' (released on 'Medevac: The Official Bootleg,' in January 2005), a song he did with rapper and good friend Watson. Although I felt that the instrumental I designed set the mood for the robotic, metallic words chosen for the verses, I think what really gives the track its irridescence is the presence of both rappers' voices, and the way they deliver their rhymes. After all, no matter how intense the lyrics may be, without energetic vocals to project them into their eardrums you cannot fully captivate your audience.
Dr. Quandary's style is one that never seems to stay the same, a promising factor that will always keep fans interested. It's a sound that could be appreciated by people in any part of the world, or even in other worlds, far outside the realm of earth. From humble beginnings to a more intricate and detailed present, one can see that Quan is on an audial journey driven by an insatiable thirst for progress, which is the energy that fuels the minds of all true artists.
Let's hope that his ever-evolving project will continue for years to come. - Dolomzero on Dr. Quandary


Louis Mackey

The Dioscuri (2011)
Destroyer of All Things (2010)
Funky Motherfucker, Yeah! (2009)


Death of You feat. Thirtyseven (2010)
Hades Isn't Real Part III feat. Adam Kadmon (2010)
Space Rock (2009)

Dr. Quandary

Beyond All Spheres of Force and Matter (2010)
Quanny Sitar (2008)
Freestyle Fondue! (2006)
The Visitor Sketches (2005)
MEDEVAC: The Official Bootleg (2004)


I Walk On Gilded Splinters (Remix) (2009)
A Love Supreme feat. Stereotypes (2009)



As a rapper, Louis Mackey seeks to unite the rhythmic, multisyllabic structures of Golden Era hip-hop with their long-estranged roots in humankind’s most ancient poetic and bardic traditions. As a producer, Louis slings only the finest in high-velocity funk bangers with signature psychedelic swagger.

Dr. Quandary is a Boston-based producer and beatmaker who loves dusty breaks, psychedelic samples and fast women. Never one to be pinned down by labels, the good doctor blurs genre lines with vivid, cinematic scenes built from an expert layering of samples.