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lucky guy

Written By: Louis Dizon

I just want to say to you that you're the only one
who could the the things you do that makes me satisfy
girl you know you're in my heart and our love has just begun
the guy who's in love with the girl will do everything he can
she's got the most beautiful eyes that I have ever seen
absolutely georgeous woman like a model in a magazine
people always stare at her when we walk hand in hand
and all my friends are telling me that I'm a lucky guy

girl whenever I'm with you is like a dream come true
as if I was always in seventh heaven
sometimes I can't believe that this is really happening to me

girl you are the only one who can turn my cry to laughter and you'll never hurt me ever
i really do believe that I am really a lucky guy

repeat Ist then chorus


Written By: Louis & Mark Dizon


You ask me if I love you, and I ask you just the same
cause I know that we're in love
there's no reason of playing game,
believing we are for each other,and there's no doubt about it
the beating of two hearts saying we're gonna sail away

smooth and calling water, we're sailing out in the sea,the wind is blowing in direction where we want to be,sparkling clear blue waters, sunshine through your hair,
loving you and being near you is where I want to be
sailing,just you and me
sailing, as far as can be
no one can stop us now
I don't see nobody's around

we both know the reason
why we're all alone
it goes to show that we could be standing on our own
can't wait till tomorrow,waking up with you
it would be another day to be close to you

repeat chorus:

fly away

Written By: Louis & Mark Dizon

we finally took you home my baby,
after a long time of waiting,
just a glance of your beautiful smile,
I don't mind facing another sleepless night,
precious moments, expressions from your face,glympse from your eyes mesmerized me,as I was watching your very first step,
I'll make sure you don't fall and hurt yourself,


fly away,spread your wings
and learn to fly
fly away, comeback with
me so I won't cry

but when the time has come my baby,
for you to say goodbye,
I guess there's nothing that I can do,
to make you stay, or just stay for a while,
and so fly away my baby,but not so far where my eyes can't see,
please take me closer into your heart,
when troubles come, I'll be there like from the start,

repeat chorus: