Louis, with Roche and DJ Enso
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Louis, with Roche and DJ Enso

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



"An eclectic sampler of downtempo and hip-hop from this new SF label and collective. Standouts are Roche's Pharcyde remix, DJ Yao and Enso & Louis. For fans of Krush or Daedalus and the LA underground beatheads. Look for more in '05."
-Toph One
- XLR8R Magazine


(translated from original German)

"It's rare for an artist to succeed as well at evoking visual scenarios with music, as this new album from Solos Records. To describe the production as varied is an understatement, as these beats and samples range from fantastic to fanatic to form a multi-faceted whole. Influenced by classic hip-hop, trip-hop, electro and ambiant collage, these 14 tracks form audio fireworks. High-quality MC inserts alternate with soulful vocals. In addition, a relatively abstract valley of intrumental pieces bring together some unexpected, though nevertheless successful samples. You could file this album somewhere between RJD2 and Automator, but somehow it's still in its own sphere. From start to finish, it's obvious that much heart and attention to detail have been put into this project. Some individual passages become a bit overloaded, perhaps intentionally forcing the listener out of his normal comfort zone. Whether the listener wants this or not, is a good question. For this reason, some traditional hip-hop fans will perhaps not be fully satisfied with these musical developments. However, free spirits and lovers of the rather abstract sound should not doubt the outstanding creative variety here." - FLASHMAG HIPHOP MAGAZIN (GERMANY)


"Roche comes correct with a very well-arranged, eight-song vinyl EP. Great drum programming combined with well-placed and well-timed sample chops. (The song "Chai I Tray" is a great example of this.) This EP is truly an example of how sampling should be done. Not a dull moment on this record!"

- Mr Echoes of THE OPUS - BPM Magazine


"Between the distorted electronics of "Intro Fo Show," the ghostly orchestrations and babbling vocal samples of 'Back Again Da Monk Stylee' and the manipulated tripmospheres over the breaks of 'Breaks Down,' you're gonna find what you need as far as bong-hit soundtracks and DJ tools."
- XLR8R Magazine, Issue #72, November 2003 - XLR8R Magazine


A coalition of artists headquartered in the Bay Area, Solos Records messes with a wide variety of sounds, they're rooted in hip-hop but unafraid to embrace more abstract electronic action. This compilaion-style album showcases seven artists over 14 tracks, with overall quality ranging from outstanding to aight. DJ Enso and Louis' "High Spirits" is a stellar, straight-ahead rap tune, with forceful rhymes laid over an absolutely banging beat. The spooky production of Roche's "Beaches and Creme remix" is cool, though the lyrical approach veers dangerously close to anticon territory. Jovian's impressive "Wings of Red" instrumental lies somewhere between Boom Bip and Nobody while CB Radio's "Blue Skies" is on the minimalist, beep-laden tip. Though not without its flaws, "Solos In Stereo" is a strong effort that will appeal to more adventurous beat fiends.
- Brolin Winning - XLR8R Magazine - March 2005


Roche - "What's Left 12" EP" (2003)
V/A - "Solos in Stereo" (2004)
Roche and Louis - "Claiming Space 12" EP" (2005)


Feeling a bit camera shy


What’s Good…
Transmissions are too ripe, they get scoped, they get sniped. With far too much out there, Louis trudges through the muck of information and orchestrates constellations of verse. No frills. No word is safe, and you best to take cover when this kid’s artillery unloads. Here comes something spectacular... from the shadows to the stage, to the apple, to the bay, the kid rattles off strange catalogues of phrases that got game like match-point… Ace.

Louis can move a crowd, as shown in the acclaimed "High Spirits" track, a straight-ahead hiphop beat produced by DJ Enso. Still, as evidenced in his most recent "Claiming Space" release with production by Roche, he does not dumb down his themes for mass consumption. The kid's obviously read his share of contemporary critical theory-- and he's able to address salient social issues without coming across heavy-handedly. A careful listen will show traces of Foucault, Barthes, and others... yet the kid's party raps and battle cries are closer to Jay-Z than Anticon. Call it sincerity. Call it respect for his audience.

Roche's production is pushing hiphop into an exciting future.