Loukoum is a Brooklyn-based acoustic world music trio of accordion, guitar and violin. Their diverse and exciting repertoire includes songs from Gypsy, Irish, Russian, Latin, and French traditions in addition to original songs.


This exciting trio out of Brooklyn, NY combines their passion for world music with vivacious creativity to attain a fresh new sound which is both eclectic and undeniably unique. Their malleable instrumentation of guitar, accordion, and violin permits them to play music from all over the world including songs from Irish, French, Eastern European, Latin, and Gypsy traditions. The trio has also been known to adapt and arrange songs from the pop/rock genre and foreign film scores to fit their instrumentation. Improvisation and original compositions are an important part of their repertoire as well. Loukoum's cutting edge sound transforms any setting whether it be a bar, restaurant, art gallery, street festival or wedding, and brings a feeling of intrigue and sophistication. Formally trained in classical performance, jazz performance, and music composition at the Hartt School of Music, Loukoum features Kate Dunphy on accordion, Nathan Pape on Guitar, and Danielle Turano on Violin.


Loukoum is currently in the studio working on their first EP!

Set List

Poe: Loukoum
Mishto: Gogol Bordello
Old Fashioned Morphine: Jolie Holland
Tom's Polka: Helene Crisico
Barcelona: Loukoum
Tire Iron: Loukoum
When I Walked to Bembasha: Croatian Folk Song
Bad Credit, Slow Credit, No Credit: Loukoum
Amelie: Yann Tierson
Asylum: Loukoum
Smells Like Teen Spirit: Nirvana
Crested Hens: Solas
The Longest Night: The Tin Hat Trio
Paid in Full: Loukoum
Night Blooming Cirius: Loukoum
My Little One Has No Fault: Croatian Folk Song
Waltz From Masquerade: Taraf de Haidouks

Loukoum has approximately 2 hours worth of repertoire. Sets generally do not exceed 1 hour.