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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Lounge Soundsystem Rocks the Vollrath"

Last weekend Lounge Soundsystem headlined the Vollrath Tavern for the first time and man was it a show. They mixed funk, blues, jazz, and improvization to rock the whole block all night long.

They headlined with Traveling Broke and Out of Gas and both shows were very good.

Lounge Soundsystem started their set with completely original tunes that all varied in genre but rocked in nature. They also pulled out some very unique covers by Phish, Bob Dylan, and Bob Marley.

Overall I was very impressed with their peformance and they way they filled the bar.

I would recommend this band to anyone who loves to rock out and dance.

RJ - Rj Wall: Former Events Manager @ the Vollrath

"Lounge Soundsystem opening for Max Allen Band :: Mar. 19th, 2010"

We've wrote tons of Max Allen Band reviews...Therefore, instead of saying they're badass over and over we've decided to wait until next time to write a review for MAB. Instead I've chose to write a few quick notes on their opener from last Friday night Lounge Soundsystem.

It's been awhile since I've booked Lounge Soundsystem, and actually got to see their gig. They had contacted me about doing some Booney's shows, and I was definitely willing.

Front man, lead guitarist, and lead singer Brendon Riha has been an asset to Hidden Relic Productions. From helping street team, to playing free shows, they've proved to be a great help. It's something that I appreciate doing for him to commend his efforts with HRP. Not to mention Lounge Soundsystem is a good band, and that always makes it easy to plug their gigs.

The last Lounge Soundsystem show I saw was in Danville back in September of 2009. It left me saying, "If they get a full time bassist, a key player, and start playing bigger shows they're going to be unstoppable." Months later I heard that they added Ryan Goeker as full time bassist. This made me excited to see their set, since they had all the components I felt like they needed to be a special band.

Lounge Soundsystem took the stage Friday night at about 10:15pm. We started a little late due to a lighting miscommunication, and it only seemed to be problematic for Lounge Soundsystems set. Regardless they took the stage, and began checking sound.

From the tunes they checked, I could tell it was going to be great. The first song to me seemed powerful, progressive, and psychedelic. Tyson Tiede LSS drummer is a beast on drums putting full attention on his kit. Goeker powered through an almost Rush type song. Brendon holding his own on lead, singing, and key work.

I was already VERY impressed with their new sound. Before they held up to their name in my opinion. They were playing solid, relaxing, and bluesy type songs that I'd listen to literally while lounging around. This new sound was different....I was up moving, dancing, and the crowd was doing the same!

I was running lights, so I really got a good feel for the songs. Lights are an art in my opinion, and you have to have rhythm to do it. That was no problem when doing it with this band. The rest of the set was similar, but not too much alike.

There were much different than September of 2009, and in my opinion way better. They were progressive, yet jammy. They were psychedelic, yet melodic. They were overall great. I can't wait to start editing their videos. I see nothing but good things happening for this band.
- Joey Buttram of Hidden Relic Productions


EP: Lounge Soundsystem - LEP - June 2010
LP: Lounge Soundsystem - (Due Winter 2010)



Children of the 90s Brendon and Tyson grew up in rural Indiana where live was simple and music was a huge part in their upbringing. Their parents were listening to Led Zeppelin, Crosby Stills Nash, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Cat Stephens, and many other classic rockers. All this great music was embeded into their brains throughout life and it has been the keystone for their music. While they spent their time there they basically jammed out for 3 years before moving to Indianapolis.

So during that time their improvizational skills improved dramatically. After discovering new music ie. Phish, The Grateful Dead, Medeski Martin and Wood, Built To Spill, Primus/Les Claypool, Dj Shadow, Bonobo and so on... Their musical appreciation became much higher.

When the duo came to the city the they started writing songs of many genres from; Jam,Blues,Funk,Jazz, and Folk they started playing shows around the area and started to develop a local following.

In November of 2009 LSS stumbled across a very unique bass player by the name of Ryan Goecker and since the first jam session they realized the potential of the new trio. After playing their first show in late November the chemistry only heightened during the show. The band is very happy to welcome him to the family.

In June of 2010 they released their first EP titled LEP and are heading back into the studio to their first album.