Loungevity is a vocal jazz band that performs original music from their new CD, and puts a jazzy spin on some interesting and unusual songs from the past. Keyboardist Mark Kersey is also a composer, actor, and organist for the Toronto Blue Jays. Zoey Adams is a vocalist, actor, and composer.


Loungevity began several years ago as an opportunity for us to perform vocal jazz music from groups such as the Manhatten Transfer, and Blossom Dearie. From there, we began composing our own music and have had some exposure on Jazz 99.1 here in Toronto, and at various festivals. We always have fun with our music, and our audiences seem to appreciate the fact that we can provide excellent music with a "twist". Unlike many jazz acts, we try to keep our solos short and to-the-point.

Check us out at www.loungevity.com



Written By: Adams/Kersey

TORONTO Adams/Kersey

It’s gonna be a perfect day
I woke and said hooray I’m in Toronto
A city fresh and full of fun there’s something here for everyone Toronto

Gonna ride that city streetcar, gonna walk each neighborhood
Gonna find that when I wind my day I’m feeling mighty good

Life is so exotic here- you name it and you’ve got it hereI- Toronto
This city gives me everything, a little jazz a little swing and more

With picture perfect seasons there’s about a million reasons in Toronto
To stay and see how great your day can be in such a picture perfect town.

And each time that I leave this place I miss that face I first saw in Toronto
That lovely, lively city where a girl can meet a boy and fall in love.

My heart is so at rest here that I’ve gotta make a nest here in Toronto
My heart sings in Toronto so you know T.O is where I will come home.


Our first CD is called "Chemistry". It's completely original.
We are currently working on an as yet unnamed follow up CD of cover tunes.