Lou Pompilio

Lou Pompilio

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A solo act guitar/vocalist with a wide range of musical concepts. The album contains a smooth bozza type jazz feel that is really enjoyable and a pleaseure to hear.


Studied at Berlee College of Music during the mid 60's. I have played in big bands all the way down to working as a single. I worked on and off Broadway playing in shows, commercial bands, and stage bands. I have been playing professionaly for a very long time. I am inflenced by Michael Franks, George Benson, Stevie Wonder, and John Coltrane. My sound is very musical, and adds a very nice lyric to accepting ears.



Written By: Lou Pompilio

An early phone call can sometimes seem absurd.
A curt remark can sometimes even flat your third. Anxiety all day just made me blue, it made wish the foot were on the other shoe, but when I hear McCoy I think of you..
Abalonie at Young Shuns in chinatown, I never thought a split lip could turn events around, beneath a New York pale September moon, we walk in circles like some Daffy Duck cartoon, but when I hear McCoy, I think of you.
And my ears were tuned to hear "Sketches Of Spain".
But instead I heard the girls, shouting something profoundly profane.
I got caught up in the cities sweet romance.
While my heart performed some ritualistic mating dance, and though the words were very few, Seventh Ave. and Sweat Basil's set the mood, because the patterns have all changed now, you know the process has been rearranged now, cause when I hear McCoy I thing of you

Since You Said You Loved Me Last Night

Written By: Lou Pompilio

I don't know where this is headed, but I know it feels so right, and my worlds in such a spin, since you said you loved me last night.
Oh I said this time I'd take it easy, and keep our romance light, but my worlds been in such a spin, since you said you loved me last night.
My heart and mind sing harmony, to songs of you in major keys, and with the rain comes loves refrain, melodic lines played through the trees by the breeze, symphonies upon the leaves.
And I don't understand don't understand the magic, that makes my heart take flight. Still my worlds been in such a spin, since you said you loved me last night.

Hi Dad

Written By: Lou Pompilio

Hi Dad whadda ya say
I hope you had a real nice day. Ah you know know I've been wishin, maybe we could do some fishin, or play Iron Eagles or somthing fun like that.
Hi Dad whadda ya say
I didn't have a much fun day,
ah the third grade is so rough, even the homework gets real tough, I stayed afterschool because I fooled around in class...
But Dad, I know you gotta a lot to do
And it would be so nice if me and you could do the things I like to do, and I can't wait to be with you.
Hi Dad whadda ya say, tommorrow will be Saturday
You'll get to spend some time with me we could toss around the frisbee, or maybe pick some sassafras or something fun like that. Here's a kiss and a hug till I see ya bye Dad, bye Dad, bye Dad, I love ya.


I have one CD Labeled "ON THE INCOMING TIDE"

Set List

Depemding on the location sets run from 45 min to 75 min. My tunes cover approximatley 16 originals and a host of cover tunes from Stevie Wonder to Michael Franks. From Bossa Nova to light funk.