Lourdes Pita

Lourdes Pita

 South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA

Singer, Songwriter, Acoustic & Electric Guitarist. Uplifting songs that inspire the listener. Strong melodies and positive lyrics.


Lourdes, of Hispanic heritage, picked up the guitar when she was nine years old. Her mother, the internationally acclaimed Cuban poet in exile, Juana Rosa Pita, taught her how to play the guitar and to sing Spanish and English folk songs. Lourdes studied classical music throughout elementary school and high school and played with the orchestra as second chair flute. It wasn't until her last year of high school that she realized writing songs and performing was her true passion. Playing flute, bass and guitar, she performed with several bands in the Miami area before she set out on her own in 1986.

Lourdes went from her first full time gig in a small pub in Stuart Florida to the streets of New England and has since appeared on television for an 'After School Special' episode where she played bass in an all girl high school band, and opened up for such big name acts as Livingston Taylor and Patty Larkin.

Sinking deep roots into the New England soil and the streets of Boston, she acquired numerous devoted fans. Since arriving in Boston, Lourdes has released three self-produced cassettes, which have all sold out and received favorable reviews from music critics. "Now Is The Time", the title track from her first CD in 1994, has received extensive airplay from local college radio stations. It was also very well received in Spain, where it got regular airplay in Barcelona. It was also aired in Prague, and has gotten continuous airplay alongside Gloria Estefan's "Reach" in the Czech Republic.

Her second CD, "In Control", was released in November of 2001. She plays all the acoustic guitars, a lot of the electric guitars and writes, produces and arranges all the songs. Her CD release concerts were a huge success. A review from Metronome Magazine in Boston says about Lourdes's CD "In Control":

"Uplifting acoustic based rockers, fueled by a sweet feline voice and some terrific playing makes Lourdes Pita's "In Control an unexpected delight. I can say for sure, that the production is first rate, the music is well played and the singing is beyond reproach. The tight harmonies are exquisite. When all is said and done, Lourdes Pita has a real gem on her hands with In Control." -- Douglas Sloan, Metronome Magazine - January 2002

In 2005 "Now Is The Time" (the anthem title track to her first CD) was chosen for a Canadian compilation CD entitled "Peace Songs For A Better World Volume II". It was released in February of 2006 and is currently getting world-wide airplay.

Lourdes has spent the last several years recording. Even though she released "Seize the Dream" (her third CD) in November 2006, she has been back in the studio recording 12 songs for her (fourth) CD entitled "House of Light" and is collaborating with writing songs for a special Spanish CD. Lourdes spent ten solid years on the road playing shows all over the country. She now enjoys being a recording artist that only does showcase gigs for the time being until her forthcoming all-Spanish CD takes her on tour worldwide. Her music is also widely used on television and Cable TV.

Lourdes Pita's latest album features 13 new songs that will certainly capture the spirit of life in all of us! This collection of original songs will help remind the listener how important it is never to give up and always keep our dreams alive. Just like the two albums before this one, Lourdes once again inspires the listener with themes of hope, love and peace. Let Lourdes Pita's smooth crystal clear voice and rhythmic magic take you away.

"House Of Light" (Casa De Luz) is now available.
Released - April 1, 2010.


Now Is The Time

Written By: Lourdes Pita, Adrienne & Jean Roberts

What is our fight
we take a stand
we re here to bring
peace to the land

Boldly we stride
confident and free
together we unite
to change humanity

Now is the time we're on the move
to shape the future let's begin
Let's sing and dance
touch every heart
We have the choice we have the way
we make the causes every day
everybody standing proud and strong

We have our goals
we will explore
challenging our lives
opens up new doors

We want to share
the treasure we've found
listen and you'll hear
the universal sound

Solucion (Spanish)

Written By: Lourdes Pita

Todo tiene solucion
cuando viene del corazon
de tu alma
No pienses del dolor
cuando tienes el amor
de tu infancia

Has vivido la vida
criandonos a nosotros
Todavia te quedan muchos anos
para sentirte feliz

Y tu esposo
quien es tambian mi Abuelo
Que hombre mas hermoso
que fortuna tenemos
No te preocupes mas...porque

Dejasle tu potria
antes de yo nacer
Yo nunca Ia vere
quizas un dia la conocere
por ahora lo puedo maginar

Como era la casa grande
y la familia
que nunca he conocido
los hijos ya tienon hijos
quo pronto los anos pasan


There's always a solution
when it comes from the heart
of your soul
Don't think of the hurt
when you have the love
of your youth

You've lived life
raising us
You've many years left
to feel happy

And your husband
who is also my grandfather
what a lovely man
How fortunate we are not
worry no more because...

You left your homeland
before my birth
I'll never see it
maybe someday I will
for now can imagine

What the big house was like
and the family I never met
the children already have children
how swiftly The years pass

Writing On The Wall

Written By: Lourdes Pita

Why do you run away from me
what have I done
won't you try to help me see?

I hear your voice
sooth my ears and comfort me
I know I have the choice
to be how I want to be

I can see the writing on the wall
it reads apologies for my mistakes
you are the one that catches me when I fall
turning night time into day

I walked into your room
and found a picture of you
on top of a mountain enjoying the view

When I think of you
I feel the sun and the waves
and the warm wind brushing me across my face


2010 House Of Light (Casa De Luz)
2006 Seize the Dream
2001 In Control
1994 Now is the Time
1989 Eight Winds
1988 Benefit
1984-1987 The Water's Edge

Set List

Over 200 Original songs. Style of music is
Folk, Pop, Rock, Blues, and Latin Salsa.

Primary style is folk/pop for solo shows. The band style leans to pop/rock. 10% of the material is in Spanish with salsa beat.