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Band Hip Hop Soul


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Will Release:
Single- "She's Bad!" July 2008
Album- "Lucid Dreams (LP)" Sept 2008

Tracks Posted On:
BPS Entertainment Homesite (

Heard on KDNK in Colorado and Indy 103.1 in LA.
Interviewed On Tilly Keys Show
International Streamed
Featured On Dj Timbo's (Number One Party DJ In America) "Go Go Girl", Album, Video and Tour.
Leading The Rebelion




What was once merely an idea and expression,
celebrated and sought after since the beginning of time,
has manifested into the form of man.
This man is the Ultra Soul Funk Brother; better known as Love.
The emcee extraordinaire and renouned soulman
(as his name suggests) hails from the slums of South Pittsburgh.
As a patron for non-conformity his calling to lead
the collective mind to liberation forced him
to leave his beloved homeland and head West.
Armed to the teeth with melody and prose,
the aspiring revolutionary patrols the jungles of
Los Angeles as he composes the
most legendary of epics - his own destiny.

Known Aliases: The Ultra Soul Funk Brother -
AZE - The Cartesian -
Cartez - Azenothcide - Clown Bum


In a world of injustice, a warrior was born,
Created to battle and champion all hip-hop distresses,
An entity who once dwelled in the most autonomous regions of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, arrived in The City Of Angels
to brandish his skill and annihilate any microphone
that was unfortunate enough to cross his path towards immortalization.
With a profound thirst for truth and knowledge
he is bound to a life of adventure; a journey he documents in the pages of his rhyme book. The knack for revealing divine insight
has distinguished him amongst his peers,
many of whom claim he is, in fact, a prophet.

Known Aliases: The Misfit - Papa Poyky - Papel El Nino - Kami - Klassic - Dr. Jones