Love and Theft

Love and Theft


Love and Theft is an up-and-coming country group whose soulful harmonies and inspired songwriting will amaze you!


Nashville has found itself a new country/pop trio: Love and Theft. The band, recently signed to Lyric Street Records, is made up of three young artists by the names of Stephen Barker Liles, Brian Bandas, and Eric Gunderson. Lyric Street publicist Cindy Heath believes that these three southern gentlemen can change the face of country music as we know it, and Love and Theft’s growing fan base would certainly agree.

The band is currently tracking songs for a new album, set for release in the spring of 2009. The first single will be released in February, and until then, fans can listen to the recently released EP, Live in Savannah. This album was recorded in Savannah, Georgia during the band’s stint as opener for Taylor Swift, and it truly captures the electricity of the band’s live shows.

Love and Theft came together when a mutual friend and producer was searching for artists to form a band in which each member could hold his own as both a vocalist and an instrumentalist. When Stephen, Brian, and Eric played together for the first time, the chemistry as both musicians and friends was instant. The producer knew that these were the three guys he was looking for, and the guys knew they had finally found their place in the music industry.

Each artist brings his own unique musical influences to the group, including artists like The Eagles, Johnny Cash, U2, and Elvis Presley. The combination of these influences creates songs full of rich harmonies placed tastefully over powerful, inspiring, and infectiously catchy songs.

At least one of the band members is involved in the writing process for each Love and Theft song, and their goal in songwriting is to write as raw and real as possible. In live performances, this vocally-driven trio captivates audiences as they reveal their hearts on stage as well. “We love being on the road and being able to leave it all out on the stage each night,” says Brian Bandas.

Love and Theft’s recent tour with Taylor Swift has given the band members a chance to come together as a group, expand their creativity, and increase their fan base. Many audience members came to the shows not even knowing there would be an opening act, but after hearing Love and Theft, they wound up waiting in line for two hours just to receive autographs from the band.

The band members are looking forward to their upcoming album as a chance to further showcase their musical talents. In the meantime, fans can learn more about Love and Theft by visiting their website: As this new band continues to gain momentum, country/pop music lovers everywhere can expect great things from this fresh, new act.


"Live in Savannah" - EP 2008

Set List

Its Up to You
Dancing in Circles
Ring of Fire
Don't Wake Me
***Perform mostly original material written between the three band members. Perform a few covers as well.