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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Alternative





Passion is a very important emotion to have, to be successful at whatever it is that you want to be successful in. Relationships can be stronger when passion is involved. Many successful businesses have ownership and employees filled with a passion for what they do. Athletes use passion as an edge to win the Lombardi trophy, World Cup, Stanley Cup, or Olympic Gold. Successful Artists use passion in Acting, Painting, Sculpting, or Music.

I believe that passion can be heard and felt in music. How many times have you seen or heard a music artist and your take away from the experience is the thought that they are missing something? Most of the time it is their compelling emotion or feeling (a.k.a. passion) that is missing in their music or performance.

If you ever get the chance to play the half time show in front of a zillion people, passion will go a long way when your instrument remains unplugged and you "mime" your own song. I just suggest that if you do it in East Rutherford New Jersey, during the month of February, you may want to keep your shirt on or you may get frostbite on your nipples. (Brrrrr . . . CHILLY Peppers)

"Battle Scars" by Lovecartel is another case in point (Passion NOT Frostbitten Nipples).

The one thing that jumps out to me while listening to this CD is Lovecartel's passion for making the music sound lively and catchy. Battle Scars is filled with diverse sounds, tones, and rhythms presented with a hipster coating of today's newer music. Lovecartel has passion on display for all to hear on this fine album.

I have many favorites on this CD. Here are a few of my most favorite :

Bathroom Stall click here to hear song
This tune is air play ready. It has a bit of swagger to it. Nice simple yet catchy chorus of "Ohs." Good hooky guitar spotlight. Great, I mean GREAT vocal trade off between Ash Kernen and Ang Bocca. Ang Bocca's vocals are full of energy and are very soulful. They work very well here.
(Note to Ang Bocca: please submit your newest original music for review. I want to hear more of your vocals.)

Lemme Hallah Atcha click here to hear song
A very Original and catchy song. The organ works very well with acoustic guitar and the efx fillers. The mix on this entire album is done well. This song is a great example of how to make synths/fx sound well in a mix. Other artists/producers/sound men tend to put synths & fx upfront. That can bleed all over and kill a song. Lemme Hallah Atcha is the best way to do it. They are there but the listener is not over powered by them.

In Between Chaos & Sleep click here to see Video
Nice choice for a first song off of the CD. What a great grove. I love the horns on this tune. Great musicianship by all parties. Some good vocal presentation. One cannot squarely place this song neatly in the "pop" category. Who cares about labels. It is just an entertaining song.

When you checkout Battle Scars you will find a groove oriented hipster vibe of music not found with many other original unsigned or independent artists of today.

After listening to this CD "Battle Scars" front to back several times I found much respect for the band LOVECARTEL. The writing, the recording, the mixing, and the packaging all seemed to be well thought out. It does have a sheik hipster feel to the entire thing and it works. It is my opinion that a few tunes have a polished twist on a form of today's pop and they are ready for commercial radio.

One of the best parts about Battle Scars is that whether you listen to it off of your MP3 or off of the radio or at the bar, you can sense their passion within their music. It is a passion that is too hot to include frostbitten nipples.

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"THATMAG Battle Scars Review"

Every so often, like Halley’s Comet, there is a band that lights the sky so brilliantly. Lovecartel’s Battle Scars is that comet. Sprouting from the post-punk, indie rock soil and blossoming into something all their own, Lovecartel is a band to watch.

Battle Scars kicks off with the great “In Between Chaos and Sleep,” a seamless mélange of pop rock and jazzy sax. The chorus cries out about looking into the “window of your soul” and aptly so, as Lovecartel’s soul can be found wrapped up in this perfect package. You’ll notice right away that the lead vocals are uncannily reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos. Not criticism, just fact. Here, Ash Kernan displays just as much power and emotion, and is just as much of a joy to listen to.

The great thing about Lovecartel is that they know when to blast into orbit and when to pull it back. The aforementioned intro track, “Tattooed Ambulance,” the horn-infused “Bathroom Stall,” and electro-rock pop gospel “Lemme Hallah Atcha” beg, nay demand, movement from their listeners. To quote track three, “Rhythm Section,” it beats on, beats on, beats on. In between, we are treated to the breathy and dreamy “Don’t Waste Your Time” and the lyricless beauty, “L.U.S.T.,” with its lonely, lovely, one horse town guitar strums. “Souderton” is another marvel that displays both the highs and lows, leapfrogging from a bluesy ballad to power wails and back again. It all wraps up nicely with the beach party sunset song, “Zoltar Says.” Righteous.

Lovecartel may not sound altogether “new.” Once you dig into Battle Scars, you know what to expect for its duration. But the ride is no less thrilling. Keep an ear out for them.

Rating: Bad-Ass - THATMAG


Sayonara 'til Tomrrow (2019) (EP)

Abandoned Lick (2016) (Single)

Battle Scars (LP) (2013)



“In between being asleep and awake, there’s a place just for broken hearts.
And in the chaos and calamity, this illusion is to me such a welcomed start.”
-In Between Chaos & Sleep, Battle Scars

Infused with elements of pop, hip-hop, and electronica, Lovecartel’s unique brand of emotionally-potent alt-rock embraces incongruity at its core.  The Philadelphia-based duo, consisting of Ash Kernen (vocals, rhythm guitar, synths) and Anthony Phillips (backup vocals, lead guitar), melds the traditional world of fuzzed-out riff rock with forward-looking electronic accompaniment and syncopated 808-inspired rhythms. The result is a sound that has been praised for its distinction while being familiar enough to recognize their list of influences which include Cold War Kids, The Kills, The Neighbourhood, Silversun Pickups, Washed Out, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The band is currently hard at work on their follow-up EP, Solar Control, with a host of live shows scheduled in support of the arrival of the EP’s first single “Two Ships”, expected in early-May 2020.


The duo are veterans of the Philadelphia music scene, having played at many of the area’s most coveted venues and festivals including MusikFest, Theater of Living Arts, World Cafe Live, Johnny Brenda’s, and The Trocodero.

In late 2013, Lovecartel released their debut album, Battle Scars. Recorded at Cedar Street Studios in Philadelphia and co-produced by Ted Richardson, the album employed a varied and talented set of musicians including Teva Teva drummer Darren Keith, Twalib Kwali/Idle Warship bassist Brady Watt, and a killer horn-section led by saxophonist Bobby Michaels. The result has been a sonic experience that blends vintage analog instruments, both acoustic and fuzzed-out electric, with a new-age digital backdrop, all the while staying true to the band’s love for ‘the headnod’.  Battle Scars was received with warm praise by the local press and found its way on to college radio.  In April 2013, the band released a video for the first single off the album, In Between Chaos & Sleep.

After a year-and-a-half of shows supporting the release of Battle Scars, Kernen and Phillips returned to the studio in Fall 2015 where they began working with Philadelphia-based hip-hop producer Ali McGuire (‘A-Mac’). The result of the dalliance was ‘Abandoned Lick‘, an unsuspecting marriage of rock and hip-hop which features the lyrical stylings of Philadelphia rapper Carl Kavorkian.   Six months later, the band would follow-up the release of Abandoned Lick with yet another experimental single, the electro-dance rock single, “The Longest Walk Off“.  The single cemented Lovecartel’s reputation for being a band that can cross multiple genres and yet carry through a familiar sound that is distinctly their own.

In early 2017, the band took an extended hiatus from live performance so that Kernen and Phillips could focus on crafting the next iteration of the band’s sound.  Over the course of the ensuing two years, the due wrote and recorded the songs that would eventually makeup their 2019 EP, Sayonara ’til Tomorrow.  The 5-song EP, mixed by Alex Santilli of Spice House Sound, brings a more refined and confident sounding Lovecartel and is bulwark of high-energy indie-rock that weaves it’s way from pure analog seduction to toe-tapping electronica.   

In early 2019, Kernen and Phillips brought on two local Philadelphia powerhouse musicians to join them as they reinvigorated their renowned live show.  Multi-instrumentalist Will Brown (Deadfellow, Solo) has joined the band on drums and Dan Drago (The Way Home,  The Sobriquets, 25 O’Clock Pod) rounds out the rhythm section on bass.  In addition to reasserting themselves as a prominent presence at home in Philly, the foursome also have plans to expand the band’s reach into the greater Northeast U.S. as they ramp up for a packed summer live season on the road.


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