With the union of one great singer songwriter and three very talented musicians, Lovechild is emerging as one of the freshest sounds in Colorado. Hard-driving Southern Groove merges with Hard Rock, Hip-Hop, Reggae, and even Country to form the unique sound that is "Outlaw Rock".


Picture this - Neil Diamond and Robert Plant take advantage of a very wasted Eminem in the front row of a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert. Nine months later the orphaned newborn is adopted by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and they hire Dolly Parton as the wet-nurse. This is the story of Lovechild, a unique breath-of-fresh-air in the un-ending swirl of monotonous, mass-produced bands that dominate the musical landscape.

As the major genres of music continue to blend together on the radio, the music world sees collaborations between artists who seem to have little business associating with one another (e.g. Nelly and Tim McGraw). The high-energy four-piece known as Lovechild sits at the cutting edge of this trend. Based in Denver, Colorado, the members of Lovechild combine their differing musical styles and influences to create “Outlaw Rock”, a sound that extends beyond the typical boundaries of any particular genre. Exploring and incorporating almost every popular musical style in their songs, Lovechild has something to offer for any music lover. Their nearly impossibly wide range coupled with their electrifyingly fun stage show makes Lovechild a must see act that always gets the crowd on its feet.



Written By: Aaron Rose

I wouldn’t have called you anymore if you’d only shown me to the door
But you had to make me wonder, so you only changed your number
Now it’s hard to feel rejected when we’re only just disconnected
And that’s not fair, it’s not cool, but you don’t care

You never cared that I was lonely and I was only just looking for a dance
Cuz you gave me some sensitivity and some sweet romance
You such a phony for ever making me think I had a chance
Of starting something special or at least getting in your pants
You didn’t mean it and I wish I coulda seen it all along
How convenient it must have been to keep leading me on

Is that what’s going on, you want me to think that you hate me
If you thought I was a loser, why the fuck did you ever date me


You never cared about the outcome, hangin around until you got some
I got one message for you, you got some problems
And I’m dumb thinking that I could help you solve em
All I really wanted to do was have some fun
But no you wouldn’t play that, you couldn’t even say that
So stay back, & lay back, & listen to the playback
It’s my line, it’s my dime, you heard it through the grapevine
That I’m fine, it’s my time, this boy’s about to shine, baby


I used to think you were so lovely, wishing you would call me just to bug me
Above me, now you’re looking really fucking ugly
You shoved me up against the wall, you took it all and said you dug me
How’d you expect me not to call , BITCH

Repeat last line 3 times

Wild West Desperado

Written By: Aaron Rose

Sitting here staring at the snow on the mountains
Dreaming of a house with gold plated fountains
Some of my friends slinging pounds and ounces
That was never really just the way my ball bounces
Some day I’m gonna drive a nice car
Some day they’re gonna realize I’m a star
You never really know how close you are
Everyday I pray that it’s not very far

Grab my backpack throw it over my shoulder
Jumping on the bus that takes me to Boulder
Turning up the heat cuz the beat is getting colder
This place makes me feel so much older
But that’s all just part of the game
And things aren’t ever gonna be the same
Soul sacrifice, that’s the price of fame
Won’t it be nice when they know my name

They call me Wild West Desperado,
This is not a test, it’s a motto, we’re gonna win the lotto
By request if we gotta, jump off in Colorada
Then next we take the West, save the rest for tomorrow
Wild West Desperado
If you want the best then you oughta know
This is where you gotta go
If you wanna see the show, just give us a call
Hit us up 1-9-0-0 OUTLAWS

Lights camera action try to get some traction
Rolling like a stone with no Satisfaction
I’ll take it all at once, I’ll take it by the fraction
Take it to the limit just to get a good reaction
But that glory’s so hard to find
Second only to a little peace of mind
Living this life by my own design
Finally it is my time

Its Not You

Written By: Aaron Rose

Impatience, oh it’s always so frustrating, this waiting
For something, that may or may not happen
Can you imagine, what I’m going through, no cuz

It’s not you that’s wanting, and waiting, and dealing with these feelings
They’re haunting, creating this vibe that I’m not digging
I’m wishing it were through
Well I thought that you could make this go away
But it’s not you

But I’ll never forget the way we fit together, it feels like forever
And I wonder, just what it is you’re thinking, and why it is you’re drinking
Are you hurting too, no cuz

It’s not you that’s wanting, and waiting, and dealing with these feelings
They’re haunting, creating this vibe that I’m not digging
I’m wishing it were through
Well I thought that I found someone I could love, and I thought it was you

Through all the nights of passion, I thought it was you
So beautiful as you lay there on the bed, and it was you
Who drove me to distraction with every word you said
When you said…when you said
Na na na na na na na na na

It’s not you that’s wanting, and waiting, and dealing with these feelings
They’re haunting, creating this vibe that I’m not digging
I’m wishing it were through
All I wanted was someone that I could love
All I needed was someone I could love
Yes I thought that I found someone I could love
But it’s not you

If I Knew Now (What I Knew Then)

Written By: Aaron Rose

It was Saturday morning and I woke up late
Mama was cookin’ up pancakes
I wrestled with my brother in the living room
We took a break to watch cartoons
After breakfast I went outside
And spent the whole day ridin’ my bike
Come home for dinner when we run outta light
And catch fireflies all night

Those were the good old days
When I still had a lot to learn
I’ve grown wiser with my age
But I gave somthin’ in return

If I knew now what I knew then
I might laugh just a little more often
I wouldn’t worry ‘bout what they’re saying on the news
And never would I ever get the blues
Innocence is bliss and sometimes I wish
I could feel that way again
Life would be so much simpler
If I knew now what I knew then.

A few years later
I was headed out to hump-back bridge
To see some old friends of mine
Parked my truck on the side of the road
And walked down to the creek, oooh summertime
Bathin’ suits and daisy dukes
Swingin’ from a grapevine
Grab and old tractor tire inner-tube
And jump in, the water’s fine

Those were the good old days
Foot loose and fancy free
I watched my friends grow up and change
But I never saw it happen to me


Those good ol’ days have all passed me by
And I can’t go back but I can sure as hell try
To see this world through my younger eyes



Aaron Rose "Raw"(Aaron Rose)
Source "Theory" (Roland Majcan & Pat Hanson)
Gravis "Gravis" (Pat Hanson)
Bug Powder "Unearthed" (C. Andrew Brown)
The Kind MCs "Potent Omens" (Pat Hanson)
Collectively, Lovechild has a self-produced, self-titled demo.

Set List

Lovechild can do up to a 90 minute set list of originals or a four hour set including covers. Typical covers include the following:

311 Beautiful Disaster
Sublime Caress Me Down
Red Hot Chili Peppers Dani California
Neil Diamond Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon
John Mayer Good Love is on the Way
Black Crowes Hard to Handle
Maroon 5 Harder to Breathe
Pink Floyd Have a Cigar
Tom Petty Mary Jane's Last Dance
The Zombies Time of the Season
Old Crow Medicine Show Wagon Wheel
Buck Cherry Crazy Bitch
Lionel Richie All Night Long
Steve Earle Copperhead Road
Kid Rock Cowboy
Bon Jovi Dead or Alive
Red Hot Chili Peppers Funky Monks
Outkast Hey Ya
Steppenwolf Magic Carpet Ride
Nickelback Rockstar
Big & Rich Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
Red Hot Chili Peppers Suck My Kiss
Ram Jam Black Betty
Garth Brooks Friends in Low Places
R. Kelly Ignition (Remix)
Eminem Lose Yourself
Justin Timberlake What Goes Around
Mr. Big To Be With You