Love City Players (LCP)
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Love City Players (LCP)


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Singles: Let's Ride, We Ballin, Make it Clap
LP: Trilogy Volume I
Yes, Let's Ride and We Ballin
Singles: Crunk & Fly, Ice Cream
LP: Trilogy Volume II
Singles: Too Fly, Peepin You, Playa Made
LP: Welcome to the Smokehouse



The LCP is a lyrically potent 3 man rap group from the heart of Mississippi. Their lyrical content and styles have been called a concoction of 8Ball & MJG, UGK, and Outkast. The group consists of three blood brothers who, for the majority of their lives, have been deeply intertwined into the hiphop fabric. The members include Scottie Pimpin Tha Pimpish Player, Tha Thug Rod C., and PlayBoy Gotti Tha Yung Gunn. Each of the brothers is a graduate from HBCUs in the state of Mississippi. College degrees combined with supreme lyrical prowess is what separates these emcees from the rest of the crowd.

The LCP has released their first album of a three part series called Tha Trilogy through Smokehouse Entertainment, an independent label established by Scottie Pimpin. As always, the LCP is continuing to record great music to further strengthen their catalog and lyrical skills. The primary promotional tool for the group has been the use of their website,, which has been used to get new music to listening public across the world and keep them informed of LCP events. The LCP has released 2 albums independently in the past 2 years: Trilogy Volume I & Trilogy Volume II. Each has garnered positive public response and interest and a light buzz in the streets which has led to live performance opportunities. A third album entitle Welcome to the Smokehouse has just been released.

Scottie Pimpin, the eldest of the brothers, is a Jackson State University computer science grad that started seriously rapping and writing in 1988. As part of his high school rap group the G.G.R. Crew, he honed his writing, delivery, and performance skills. The grouped performed at schools across the state with music they wrote for national Red Ribbon Week (anti-drug) for three years. After the group dispersed and a long layoff, Scottie Pimpin was drawn back into the art form by a lyrical challenge and hasn’t left since. Rod C, the second of the brothers, is a Mississippi Valley State University computer science graduate that became an emcee as he watched Scottie Pimpin pursue musical aspirations. He started with freestyling and was known in is circle as a battle cat and beatbox. As the G.G.R. Crew began writing substantive lyrics that covered specific topics, he began writing as well. D-Boy Gotti, the youngest of the brothers, is a Jackson State University history graduate that took a natural liking to rapping after being exposed to the many aspects of hiphop by the older brothers. He also started with freestyling and battling and became a viscous battle cat in his circles before he evolved into a writer. As the LCP the brothers have formed a lyrical force that can rival any in the nation.

The LCP has always existed, but officially came together for hiphop in 2000. At that time they started making 1 track recordings. They have since progressed into making multitrack recordings with professional quality that can rival any in the industry. The LCP and Smokehouse Entertainment plan to release Tha Trilogy series as well as solo albums by each of the members of the group. Smokehouse Entertainment also plans to release music in other genres as well.