Love Creature

Love Creature


Throw a stiff shot of Liz Phair, a little Jewel, a dash of Evanescence, a pinch of Sarah Mclachlan in a blender, and you'll wind up with a delicious Love Creature smoothie. Whether they're playing upbeat pop tunes, or melodic folk and rock songs, Love Creature has a way of energizing a crowd performing their original music with a retro twist which appeals to all ages.


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If Jewel, Tori Amos and Liz Phair had a three way, Love Creature would be the likely offspring of that union. And if they chose to abandon this creature and leave it on the steps of a mormon family in Salt Lake City, it would have likely grown up to have the angelic voice of Karyn Whittemore, the rhythm of Shawn Owens, and the cool creamy bass lines of James Lisonbee.

Karyn has released two albums and has been nominated for Best Album and Best Song of the year by JPF and also Best New Upcoming Artist by New Artist Radio. She topped the charts for many months during the heady days of and established herself as a formidable internet presence. She plays piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and violin. She comes from a classical background attending SUU on scholarship for violin. Karyn is the songwriter, producer, vocalist, guitarist, pianist and violinist for Love Creature.

Shawn's precision percussion skills are requested by many recording bands throughout Vegas and Utah. Few drummers that play live also possess the skill to record in the studio. Love Creature is ecstatic to have one that can do both!

James is a great guy, and a damn fine bass player to boot. He's flirted with the record industry in the past, and hopefully they'll have a full blown make out session soon. James also enjoys long walks on the beach, and reading poetry by the fire.

Consisting of Karyn Whittemore (109 lbs dry 112 lbs wet) on vocals and electric/acoustic guitar, Shawn Owens (195 lbs) on percussion, and James Lisonbee on bass (200 lbs) , Love Creature weighs in at 504 lbs of musical talent and puts it well within the weight tolerances that most stages can withstand. Note: Wet weight is not listed for Shawn and James as it is identical to their dry weight.

They perform Karyn's very unique original material and various covers in the vein of Kryptonite, Little Thing Called Love, Call Me etc.


LP Love Creature by Love Creature

LP Everything's Changed

LP Slippery Road

Set List


Telescopic Jigger Rod - Karyn Whittemore
It Cuts Inside - Karyn Whittemore
Razorback Wilde - Karyn Whittemore
Sweetest Little Angel - Karyn Whittemore
Spirits of Earth - Karyn Whittemore
I'll Follow Your Heart - Karyn Whittemore
Just Friends - Karyn Whittemore
Set You Free - Karyn Whittemore
Yesterday's Girl - Karyn Whittemore
Breathe and Burn - Karyn Whittemore
Be My Man - Karyn Whittemore
I Found Me, I Found You - Karyn Whittemore
Bucket of Love - Karyn Whittemore
There Will Be Light - Karyn Whittemore
Your Right To Be Wrong - Karyn Whittemore
Slippery Road - Karyn Whittemore
Missing You - Karyn Whittemore
Silver Girl - Karyn Whittemore
Joy - Karyn Whittemore
Dancin' In - Karyn Whittemore
Shelling Peanuts - Karyn Whittemore
Nervous Nut - Karyn Whittemore
I Don't Own You - Karyn Whittemore
I'm For You - Karyn Whittemore
I Won't Be Your Baby - Karyn Whittemore
Everything's Changed - Karyn Whittemore
Fabulous Day - Karyn Whittemore
Baby Love - Ka