We do original rock tunes in the vein of our early punk past in the Pistols/Clash/Iggy genre with a touch of glitter. We are vintage members of early punk bands that started between 1975 to 1981, ....all the while we play without nostalgia, with dash, energy and a need to entertain the audience.


The band started in 2010 when two of the Belgian vintage 1977 punkfathers (Pedro, aka Peter Schlager, ex-singer from X-Pulsion, and Stef Debusscher, ex-bass player from the Mad Virgins/Allez Allez...) launched a small recording project. The result was so exciting that a full band soon took form. The band's stage act is centered on Pedro that stays true to his reputation of performer ( formerly tagged as "Belgium's Iggy Pop"). The rest of the band proves real hot on stage too and the audience reaction is always wild and positive. Today the recorded songs have an early punk tactse but the new songs are flirting with 1972 glitter influences with a zest of white funk.


- "Lovegang Scandal Section", self produced CD with eight of their original songs plus one bonus track, not yet officially distributed; March 2012
- "We Are BxHell" - a compilation of Brussel based punk band, released on June, 1, 2012 featuring one song - Butcher Boy.
To give you a sample of the Lovegang's style, two downloadable songs are available to the public at under the name of Ramis Pedro, while the entire cd can be available thru' simple request by asking Pedro at

Set List

Lead singer: Shure SM58, straight mike stand
1st guitar (Marshall amp), instrument mike stand, Shure SM57
boom vocal mike stand, Shure SM58
2nd guitar (Marshall amp), instrument mike stand, Shure SM57, boom vocal mike stand, Shure SM58
Bass: Direct plug to bass amp
(kick), Shure B52
(snare) 1 or 2 Shure SM57
(Medium tom) 1 SHure SM57
(Floor tom) 1 Shure SM57
(Hi-hat) 1 Shure SM57
(Crash cymbals/Overheads) 2x Condenser Microphones