Chicago, Illinois, USA

Rock-N-Roll - Dirty Pop Lovehammers have stepped up to put the spark back in modern rock and they have brought their welder torches with them - "The most Un-Pretentious F**k-You Rock-N-Roll Band," and are a breath of fresh air in this often-stale industry.

A fixture on the Chicago music scene, the Lovehammers is a rock band whose sound is best described as a combination of pop-punk with grunge influences.


Lovehammers Set Fire has recently been released, breaking 3 Billboard Charts, and the second single Price I Pay has gone to Alternative, Active, and Modern Rock formats, after the first single, Into the Insane broke the Top 50 in Active and Modern Rock.  Radio in the Midwest, and WI specifically, has been the leader for Lovehammers' recent singles.  Currently Price I Pay is the most played song on The Hog WHQG.  The same was the case at WIIL(Chicago/Milwaukee).  WZOR and WJJO have also been strong supporters.

A fixture on the Chicago music scene, the Lovehammers is a rock band whose sound is best described as a combination of pop-punk with grunge influences. They have headlined their own International Tours as well as support bands/musicians such as KISS, Slash,  Chevelle  Nickelback,  Buckcherry, Theory of a Deadman,  INXS,  have played SOLD OUT shows at the majority of Chicagos music venues and have appeared LIVE on VH1 and MTV.

In preparation for their seventh album Set Fire, band members Marty Casey, Bob Kourelis, Dino Kourelis and Billy Sawilchik took a non-traditional approach to music making and built their own recording studio.  Normally rushed and paying for studio time, the Lovehammers were able to write and record at their own pace allowing for more music to be created while songs happened organically.  The finished material was given to mixer, Anthony Focx from Nashville (Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, Metallica, Sick Puppies, Motley Crue, etc.) for completion. 

In addition, the Lovehammers have invited fans to be a part of the album-making process by hosting a contest for the cover art and song order.  One winner will be chosen to have his/her submission featured as the artwork for the album and decide the order of which songs will be featured.

Lovehammers, originally called Swinging Lovehammers, began as a cover band in Hickory Hills, a Southwest suburb of Illinois.  Having known each other since Little League, teenagers Casey, and both Kourelis brothers enlisted fellow neighborhood friends Ben Kelly and John Murdoch to join their group.  As they began to head to college, Murdoch left and Sawilchik was recruited and they began writing original material.

In 2005, Lovehammers could not have predicted what was about to happen.  While opening for Cake and Gomez on a 21-city Virgin College Mega Tour, Casey had been participating in ongoing auditions for a new reality television show titled Rockstar: INXS.  He made the show and quickly became a fan favorite.  It was his performance of Lovehammers song Trees that became an instant hit debuting on as a #1 download and shining a spotlight on the band.  While Casey placed runner up in the competition, Lovehammers were immediately offered a contract with Epic records and a spot as the opening band on the INXSs Switched On tour. 

In January 2006, Lovehammers released their major label debut titled Marty Casey & Lovehammers, composed mostly of reworked versions of their previously released and recorded tracks.  The album was well received by critics and fans alike.  That summer, Lovehammers headlined the Get Live tour to sold out audiences.

The last release for Lovehammers was Heavy Crown in 2009. The album offered a refreshing respite from todays over-compartmentalized musical climate and sounded nothing like they had ever done previously.  The Lovehammers challenged themselves with the writing process and sought a combination of both light and dark.


Lovehammers - Price I Pay - 2014 - Single
Lovehammers - Into the Insane - 2013 - Single
Lovehammers - Set Fire - 2013 - LP
Lovehammers - Heavy Crown - 2010 - LP
Marty Casey & Lovehammers - LP
Murder on My Mind - LP
L'Strange - LP
Ultrasound - LP
Tunnel - Single
CRC (Trees, Clinic, Hold On) Sessions -
Lovehammers Live/Raw - DVD
Lovehammers And The Rest is History DVD

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