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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



Inside Metal “Upon listening to their opening song 'This Dream Called Life' I was kicking myself that I hadn't heard this band before. Lovehatehero are a truly energetic, emotional and unique band, they play music with passion and they do so very well… Lovehatehero add an element of freshness in their music. Producer Ryan Baker could not have produced a better bandr, be aware that the producer can do so much to make a band sounds great, the rest is up to the band's own talent. The band managed to keep me interested for the entire album, from start to finish it is stimulating music that, to be honest I have never heard this combination of sounds before on one release.. I have great pride in saying that Lovehatehero are a band to be excited about”

PyroMusic “…solid, yet slightly intricate riffage all encompassed in an overtly warm & fuzzy like production that accentuates the bands important melodic tendencies LoveHateHero will do well with ‘Just Breathe’. It has tremendous appeal to the current post-hardcore ‘emo’ crowd”

Inside Knowledge “Boysetsfire / Death By Stereo with Cure like vocals. I love this record for it will crawl in your ears and makes you hum” “I am pleasantly surprised about this release.. After listening to two songs on purevolume, I was hooked… the guitars sound a lot better than most other bands.. a lot of contrast to the album and makes it better than most on the market... Lovehatehero are a good post-hardcore/screamo band that are deserving of your time because of their musical ability and their ability to be good songwriters and establish contrast. I'd suggest you to buy it if your into this type of music”

The Metal Forge “the songs have plenty of hooks and a passionate performance from front man Berube”

Living Underground “Just Breathe consists of 11 provocative tracks that mill together to shape a solid exhilarating album. The band is incredible and they have collectively blended the elements of rock and hardcore resulting in a brilliant sound.. was very impressed with the album.. they are flawless live and you can’t even imagine the energy levels at shows based on what you experienced on the album

Breaking Custom “Knitting intricate metal influenced guitars with seamlessly intricate melodies, and adding a post hardcore/screamo twist, LoveHateHero do not sound like any band on, not only their home roster, but in the scene in general, and that is by far the best thing about this band… seem to work on a push and pull type tactic, with brutally honest lyrics, heartfelt and yet gut-wrenching vocals spewing out of vocalist Pierrick Berube, which pushes the musicianship of the band to an even better level, a level that involves dueling guitars that almost seem like they were meant to be in a western gun fight showdown.”
- Mutiple


"Just Breathe..." LP Ferret Music
"The Risk" Music Video
Century Media Sampler Summer 2005
Ferret Music "Under the Gun" DVD - Music Video


Feeling a bit camera shy


The band in its short career has toured the entire nation 6 times with such high profile acts as 18 Visions (Epic) and Funeral For a Friend (Atlantic). One near totalled Van, several other crashes, 3 trailer axles, and mutilple tires never slowed the band down, and they have become known for trudging through the worst of weather and vehicle conditions to make every show an experience for their fans.