Love Hijacker

Love Hijacker

 St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, CAN

Love Hijacker is a three piece group that delivers insanely tight songs with melodies that are almost remembered before they are heard. The lyrical content is universal and paints pictures anyone can relate to. These songs are designed to excite and entertain.


Love Hijacker (Bio)

The latest Love Hijacker recording session was done by MusicNL award winning recordist/producer Don Ellis. Up to this point all of the groups recordings have been created without outside help and this first pro recording, which is presented on this page, has shown the proper technical direction for the new record. These recordings are a small look at the new full lenght which is still in its genesis stages.

The first Love Hijacker EP began production in July 2004 and was completed in October 2004. The attitude towards the recording was to capture the live feel of the band that was forged through many gigs in the St. John's and Newfoundland area as much of the recording was done live to tape. The musical style on the recording is a mixture of original songs by Steve Edwards and collaboration with the group. The sound is distinctly original and has never failed to entertain the wide cross section of people the band has played for.

Rick Bailey - The Independent, December 19, 2004 describes the recording: "Like the return of a former girlfriend, this six-song offering includes the familiar qualities you hold dear and the added spice of years spent apart. Love Hijacker has Steve Edwards back writing the remarkable funk rock he debuted with 2001's The Eddy Stevens Quartet, a memorable album for its danceable ska and jazz sensibilities. The feelings resurface, but with a rock edge to give the songs a new assertiveness."

The Love Hijacker EP was released locally on November 19th 2004 and has served the band well as a promotional and fund creating tool. The group has made new friends and fans with the recording and has gained airplay on CBC radio, Radio Newfoundland and Canadian collage radio.

Love Hijacker is a three piece band comprised of Steve Edwards (guitar and vocals), Mike Dowding (bass guitar), and Brad Kilpatrick (drums).


Carry you're flame my way

Written By: Steve W. Edwards

If this love could stay
and surely find it's way
to my favorite place
any day I could face
and the hardest time
I could always find
almost another day
when you'll here me say

When the feelings gone
we all move on
to a colder place
I can't remember her face
in the evening time
my heart's not mine
almost another day when you'll hear me say
carry your flame my way

Did you get it back
was it a heart attack
did you wait too long
to put her in your arms
in the evening time
my heart's not mine
almost another day
when you'll hear me say
carry your flame my way.


Written By: Steve W. Edwards

She's a flower
in a field
the only one that the world could yeild
and yeah, that's a problem
you can snicker as you pass her on the way to the bank
and money is no remedy
I can spend it all and never really buy a good time
I could give her
with just a little charm just a little sliver

I'm not alone out here
I'm not alone on this one
I'm not alone out here
try and tell me you never fucked up and missed one

I could plan a little chase
picture perfect with all the trimmings
until my heart could make me erase
on the grounds that I gota keep winning
and if she came along
and if I could just set her spinning
and if time would tell me now
I wouldn't waste any time at the beginning.

I'm not alone out here
I'm not alone on this one
I'm not alone out here
try and tell me you never fucked up and missed one

When you're not around

Written By: Steve W. Edwards

When I find a way
to show it everyday
and say if the past is done
why is it so much fun
to have you around

I know better I really do
than to sit around and spite the view
of a city that's built for two
when you're not around

and were free to do as we please
and its the only way
that I want it to be
but if you got it to give
cmon give it to me
cause I was wrong
and its plain to see

another day nothing is new
so I sit around singing some tunes
she's a pretty thing
you know its true
and these feelings stay
longer than you do
when you're not around


The Eddy Stevens Quartet (2001)
The Love Hijacker EP (2004)
September Demo (2006)

Set List

Over and Over
Falling off a Cliff
Back of my head
Carry your flame
Better Way
When You're not around
It doesn't matter now
Last night (The Strokes)
Happy All Day