Love is Stronger than Death

Love is Stronger than Death


Love is Stronger than Death has the heart of Robert Smith, the influence of Depeche Mode and the edge of Smashing Pumpkins. We play mainly original material and have a strong fan following.


It all started with a dark dorm room, some cold beer, a JVC boombox and 'Meat Is Murder', 'Disintegration' and 'Spooky' albums . . . It started off as merely a feeling and bits & pieces of drunken conversation and dreams . . . Years later it turned into a project created by Dominic Savedra and Charlie Arce. Formed out of a mutual love of many bands, ideas, and emotions growing up [yet never the wiser] in the early 90's. The band, minus Charlie, fights on with Dominic, Dave Muniz [at the helm with percussion] and Erica Womeldorf on bass. Love is Stronger than Death shall always be a band dreamed up gazing up at the stars and writing music from the heart.


For you - single
Love is Stronger than Death

Set List

Frantic thoughts on the dance floor
For You
More than all the stars
Blue Monday
Young & Beautiful
Fake plastic Trees
Love Vigilantes
Setting of the sun
A Forest