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"Love It To Death - Firewater, 7/4/08"

A tribute band is more than just
some guys onstage playing their favorite artist’s songs. The really good ones put on a show and make you actually believe in the illusion they create. Houston’s Alice Cooper tribute, Love It To Death, is by far one of the best tribute bands around. Paul Byron does a dead-on Alice Cooper impersonation. Every detail is perfect - from his voice and mannerisms to the authentic makeup, stage costumes and props. Mike Lambert (guitar), Rob Jacobs (guitar), Greg Norton (bass) and Mike DeLuco (drums) play each song flawlessly. LITD perform most of Cooper’s biggest hits including “School’s Out,” “I’m Eighteen,” “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” “Billion Dollar Babies” and “Poison.” They also do some killer deep album cuts like “Only Women Bleed,” “Go To Hell” and “Lost In America.” This band is as good as it gets. See them once, and you’re guaranteed to pull out the old Alice Cooper albums the next day. (Andy Laudano)
- Harder Beat Magazine - Dallas, TX

"Love It To Death at Firewater - Dallas, TX"

By Captain Syd
SRI Photography
DFW Noise Contributing Photographer

I have a new favorite band, and their name is Love It To Death.
They’re an Alice Cooper tribute band from Houston that I got the chance to shoot at Firewater this past Friday night, and I’m sitting here writing this and hoping they come back to Dallas soon.
If not, I guess I’m just going to have to head down to Houston... Road trip, anyone?

Seriously, I was very impressed by this band. Normally, I get so wrapped up in shooting that I don’t pay much attention to what the band is playing, but at this show, I actually put down the camera to listen and enjoy the show.
And a great show it was, too.

I kind of suspected it was going to be a fun night when I walked into Firewater (45 minutes early to avoid paying cover, of course) and saw the stage.
It was set up with an assortment of skulls, a foot locker that was smoking somewhat ominously, and what appeared to be a decapitated baby doll.

The list of props they used during the show was almost endless... Along with the baby doll, they had a variety of canes, whips, and swords, along with several costume changes (the white top hat and coat were my favorite).
There really never was a dull moment from beginning to end, which made it incredibly fun for me to shoot.

I guess the thing about these guys that made me like them so much, beyond the amazing sound and cool props, was that there seemed to be a connection between the band members.
I might be all wet about this, but watching them I got the impression they love what they’re doing, and they liked doing it with each other.
I’ve shot bands that all the members do is stand in their section of the stage and play their show, but Love it to Death was the exact opposite of that.
It was really, really cool, and I can’t wait for next time.

Love it to Death is:

Paul Byron
Mike DeLuco
Mike Lambert
Rob Jacobs
Greg Norton

You can check them out at their myspace at or their website,
- DFW Noise

"Love It To Death - Firewater 01/11/08"

Love It To Death (Alice Cooper Tribute Band) - Firewater, 1/11/08
Originating from Houston, Love It To Death came to Dallas to put on one hell of a theatrical performance. They took everyone at Firewater on an Alice Cooper trip that was coated with classics going back 30 years. Paul Byron plays Alice Cooper to near perfection. He not only managed to sing the songs with utter enthusiasm, but he also re-created the well-known Alice Cooper stage set, layered with all kinds of props, costume changes - and excellent interaction with the crowd. Halfway through the set, the band released dozens of balloons filled with play money. When the balloons popped, 1 billion dollar bills - with the Alice Cooper’s face on them - rained hard upon the crowd. (Joe Montells)

- Harder Beat Magazine


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Love It To Death is a CLASSIC ALICE COOPER SHOW that covers the best music from the all time Master of Theatric Shock Rock - ALICE COOPER!

This is not just a band performing a tribute - it is a complete stage production. Our show includes actors, props and a hard rocking band that is so well versed in Alice Cooper repertoire - you'd swear you were listening to (and seeing) the real thing!

The stage is set with props very similar to the original Alice Cooper show (from various time periods), and can be scaled down to fit a smaller stage. Paul Byron has appeared on national television and is considered by many to be one of the greatest Alice Cooper tribute artists of all time. But it doesn't stop there - the band and actors come together to totally re-create the Alice Cooper experience. "Its not enough just to paint your face and sing the songs - you have to become the character". Paul Byron totally transforms into the very persona that is Alice Cooper!

For Private Parties, Special Events, Clubs, etc. This show can be tailored to your needs and venue size.