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The best kept secret in music


"Review of Candyman"

"This song is bold. It stands out. I'm impressed."

Don Mitchell - Radio Programmer,
The Edge 102.1, Toronto, Canada
at The Big Schmooze Demo Listen Derby - April 2005 - The Edge 102.1

"Much Music"

“Lovejoy is one of the hardest working indie bands in Toronto.” (Juliette Powell) - Interview aired Dec. 26, 1999

"Spill Magazine"

Horseshoe Tavern

Friday night had quite the buzz with a wide variety of ages filling the Horseshoe Tavern. The crowd anticipated Lovejoy, who aren’t strangers to the Toronto scene having been around for quite some time.

Take a little bit of soul, funk, rock and pop and what you have is a sound that hits hard and causes the body to move uncontrollably. They played a mixture of new and old tunes and even without the help of a back-up singer, Lovejoy managed to give one kick-ass rock and roll show.

Everyone seemed to respond well to the crazy guitar solo’s of Jeff Eager and the high energy performance of their ever charming bassist Liz Lulu. The band played an awesome version of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” which had the whole club singing along with Lead Vocalist Duarte Castro.

A unique find here with Lovejoy, as one can hear sounds comparable to Led Zeppelin and The Killers as well as 54-40 and Pearl Jam. They are a well-rounded band with a tight performance that anyone into music should experience live. Check out their website for more information at
- April 2006

"MP3 Reviews"

Wow is the first thing that pops into mind.  "Shadows" is a full on blast of schitzo accoustic guitars, machine gun style drums and a bass line so funky that it has me bobbing up and down in my cubicle.  The lead singer is great giving it his all, until the chorus erupts with a full chorus of background singers.

I Just Wanna Be) Queen is another fantastic rock tune, this time a distorted guitar lays down the rhythm over the funky beat.  There are some cool duet style vocals along the same lines that Christina Martinez, Hollis Queens, and Jon Spencer do in Boss Hog.

Lovejoy is an eclectic mix of many differet styles of pop and rock all rolled into one.  The live show is phenomenal and worth a trip to Toronto to check them out.  If that's not in your plans, try taking a little journey over to their website to pick up a few of their mp3's or an album or two!! - Jim Reis - February 2003


Go-Go-ing alterna-rock employs hard and fast guitars, the funky drummer and sexy male/female vocals.

At their best, Lovejoy sound like Mary Magdalene and the Apostles jostling for Jesus'  attention in "Jesus Christ Superstar; at their worst, they still lay down a lethal  beat and cover it with dynamic vocals.

While listening has it's rewards, dancing is strongly encouraged!! - Mike Masters - December 2002

"Eye Magazine"

"Lovejoy - straight-up Cheap Trick meets Guns N Roses style hard rock with powerful male and female vocals..." - December 2002

"Hamilton Press"

Get ready for some high powered rock!  Lovejoy's Orange E.P is a collection of songs that are original,  catchy and full of energy.  The individual and collective performances by the band members are wonderfully tight and polished.  This CD has extreme commercial viability. - Kim Richutto - January 2003


If you are searching for just one word to describe the first realease of Toronto rock band, Lovejoy, you only have to go as far as their moniker's first syllable, Live a Long Life is truly a labour of love, striking perfect balance between anthemic rock and edgy, hook filled alternative pop.  Add to this mix a ballad or three, and you've got a CD that evokes memories past, yet is filled with the nervous energy of the present.

A diverse collection of rock and roll, Live a Long Life captures all of Lovejoy's energy, seductively welcoming it in one instance then throwing it in your face in another.  Heavier tunes like "Mad Tango" and "Ocean's Wrath"  are tempered with singalongs "Round and Round" and "Century's End."

Be sure to check out "The Other Side" - a slow atmospheric number which could slot perfectly into the denouement scene of any classic '80's John Hughes movie (Pretty In Pink, Breakfast Club etc..) - Live A Long Life CD Review - 1998

"Review of Pack Your Bags - May 31-05"

"Pack Your Bags" from Lovejoy has a groovy beat that never stops. Really creative guitar riffs and awesome vocals from Ms. Money Penny and Duarte Castro who put on a harmony singing clinic.

This is one of the freshest sounds I've heard in sometime; progressive rock meets Motown inspired vocals for a mind blowing listening experience. Guaranteed HOT AC high rotation. Highly recommended.

Chris White, Publisher - -


Lovejoy Demo - 1997
"Live a Long Life" - 1999
"Orange EP" - 2002
"Run" - 2005

Over 50,000 downloads/streams on Soundclick,, and

MP3.COM charts:
“Shadows” #1 under pop-punk,
“The Other Side”#1 under new wave
“(I Just Wanna Be) Queen” #1 on the groove rock

CHYZ - 94.3 FM - Live a Long Life debuted at #4
CKMS- FM - Live a Long Life #21
CKLN - Live a Long Life #12
CKCU - Orange E.P.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed in 1996 in Toronto, Canada by Duarte Castro, Liz Lulu, and Joe Rocha. The three of them have remained the foundation of the band while other members have come and gone throughout the years.

Lovejoy is proof that the spirit of rock is very much alive. Their roots are derived from various forms of rock and pop from the last few decades played with a soulful funkiness and intense raw energy. Skillfully crafted with hooks and catchy melodies, their radio ready songs are commercially appealing.

DUARTE CASTRO's sexy vocals have been compared to Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the late Michael Hutchence of INXS while his on stage energy has been compared to Mick Jagger. He also plays rhythm guitar with a unique funky rock edge.

LIZ LULU's bass playing ranges from "in-your-face", aggressive rock to groove-filled funkiness. JOE ROCHA hits hard on the drums and holds the groove with creative beats and fills. Lovejoy's latest addition, lead guitarist, JEFF EAGER adds an edge to the band with his classic rock inspired guitar solos.

LOVEJOY IS DIVERSE: "We've been told that diversity is a bad word with the record companies who want to box you in to a genre. But that's what Lovejoy’s music is: DIVERSE!" says singer Duarte Castro when he desribes the variety of rock styles that are incorporated in their albums.

The members of Lovejoy are pop culture junkies.. Lovejoy’s sound is a cross pollination of their musical influences from the 70's, 80's, 90's and now. Their diversity is apparent by the variety of rock icons they have been compared to : From AC/DC to Lenny Kravitz, Lovejoy’s songs have hooks that can get the attention of the average passive listener as well as rock and roll enthusiasts.

Lovejoy has been known to experiment with reggae, rap, jazz, blues, folk and metal but at the core of their sound is the band’s love for groove based rock. Lovejoy has penned a few reggae-rock songs but just like bands such as No Doubt and The Clash, that doesn’t make them a “reggae band.” “We are a rock band that likes to incorporate a little bit of each of the styles that has inspired us.”

"LOVEJOY LIVE is a definite MUST-SEE. The band's stage image is sexy and their presence is larger than life. Their professionalism comes across on stage in their musical precision and the effortless charm in which they capture their audiences." The musical prowess possessed by each member of the band is the strength behind solid performance and a tight sound.

Lovejoy's voice is unique but their music also has a familiar tinge to it - stemming from each band member's strong "pop" sensibilities. Powerful, seductive vocals, intense rhythms, melodies that remain etched in your mind and a sexy image are the ideal combination of a band on the edge of stardom.