Funky, sexy, hook-filled rock with powerful vocals and catchy melodies that wedged in your brain.


Formed in 1996 in Toronto, Canada by Duarte Castro, Liz Lulu, and Joe Rocha. The three of them have remained the foundation of the band while other members have come and gone throughout the years.

Lovejoy is proof that the spirit of rock is very much alive. Their roots are derived from various forms of rock and pop from the last few decades played with a soulful funkiness and intense raw energy. Skillfully crafted with hooks and catchy melodies, their radio ready songs are commercially appealing.

DUARTE CASTRO's sexy vocals have been compared to Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the late Michael Hutchence of INXS while his on stage energy has been compared to Mick Jagger. He also plays rhythm guitar with a unique funky rock edge.

LIZ LULU's bass playing ranges from "in-your-face", aggressive rock to groove-filled funkiness. JOE ROCHA hits hard on the drums and holds the groove with creative beats and fills. Lovejoy's latest addition, lead guitarist, JEFF EAGER adds an edge to the band with his classic rock inspired guitar solos.

LOVEJOY IS DIVERSE: "We've been told that diversity is a bad word with the record companies who want to box you in to a genre. But that's what Lovejoy’s music is: DIVERSE!" says singer Duarte Castro when he desribes the variety of rock styles that are incorporated in their albums.

The members of Lovejoy are pop culture junkies.. Lovejoy’s sound is a cross pollination of their musical influences from the 70's, 80's, 90's and now. Their diversity is apparent by the variety of rock icons they have been compared to : From AC/DC to Lenny Kravitz, Lovejoy’s songs have hooks that can get the attention of the average passive listener as well as rock and roll enthusiasts.

Lovejoy has been known to experiment with reggae, rap, jazz, blues, folk and metal but at the core of their sound is the band’s love for groove based rock. Lovejoy has penned a few reggae-rock songs but just like bands such as No Doubt and The Clash, that doesn’t make them a “reggae band.” “We are a rock band that likes to incorporate a little bit of each of the styles that has inspired us.”

"LOVEJOY LIVE is a definite MUST-SEE. The band's stage image is sexy and their presence is larger than life. Their professionalism comes across on stage in their musical precision and the effortless charm in which they capture their audiences." The musical prowess possessed by each member of the band is the strength behind solid performance and a tight sound.

Lovejoy's voice is unique but their music also has a familiar tinge to it - stemming from each band member's strong "pop" sensibilities. Powerful, seductive vocals, intense rhythms, melodies that remain etched in your mind and a sexy image are the ideal combination of a band on the edge of stardom.



Written By: Lovejoy (music) Lulu (lyrics)


Watching the world
Through a camera's eye
I see the hate that made
the buildings crumble down

Searching for God
Underneath the pile
But all the noise and anger
fills my mind

I want to run to you
(I want to run to you,
I want to run with you)
I want to run to you
(I want to run, run, run,
I want to run with you)

When we we learn
to stop the fight
Let go of all the hate
within our lives

When will we see
the light that heals the pain
Give our children
a safe place to play again


When will we learn,
to live our lives
Without the hate,
without the crime

When will we learn,
to see the light
And let our love,
become our guide

I want to run to you

By Your Side

Written By: Castro, Lulu, Rocha

By Your Side

Baby don’t ever say this love isn’t true
You know my heart will always be there for you
Another tear, another tear rolls down my hopeless face
The days grow longer with you so far away

I need you here right by my side.
I need you right by my side.
I need you here just to make me smile
Oh how I love to make you smile boy
I need you here right by my side.
I need you right by my side.
I need you here just to make me smile

You know I can’t, you know I can’t go on living life this way
How can you leave when there’s so much left to say
Another night I sit and wait just staring at the phone
And I wonder, if you think of me at all


I think of you, baby in the morning
I think of you, oh in the night
How can we say forever
Give it to me boy, boy in the morning


Oh how I love to make you smile boy


Lovejoy Demo - 1997
"Live a Long Life" - 1999
"Orange EP" - 2002
"Run" - 2005

Over 50,000 downloads/streams on Soundclick,, and

MP3.COM charts:
“Shadows” #1 under pop-punk,
“The Other Side”#1 under new wave
“(I Just Wanna Be) Queen” #1 on the groove rock

CHYZ - 94.3 FM - Live a Long Life debuted at #4
CKMS- FM - Live a Long Life #21
CKLN - Live a Long Life #12
CKCU - Orange E.P.

Set List

Our sets are high energy and consist of mostly originals and a couple of covers. Sets are generally 45 minutes and we play 1-3 sets an evening depending on the requirements of the club.

Covers range in a wide variety and we have been known to add our own signature sound and twists to several of them:

Four Non Blondes, Billy Idol, White Stripes, Jet, Evanescense, Rolling Stones, Black Crowes, Lots of danceable classic rock, soul and funk

We also play accoustic shows at smaller intimate venues and cafes where we showcase the vocal harmonies of Duarte and Miss Money Penny.