The Love Kills Theory

The Love Kills Theory

 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Melodic garage rock fused with Situationist inspired lyrics and a dark dark sense of humor. Their stage show is eerily captivating, disturbing, quirky and memorable. No one ever forgets seeing The Love Kills Theory live.


the love kills theory is based on an amalgam of the works of Guy Debord, founder of Situationist International, Aldous Huxley, and others, fused with the current bio-genetic studies on the evolution of despair.

In the spirit of Dylan Thomas, the love kills theory was formed as a desperate, and most likely futile, struggle against the demise of art in popular culture. The regression that has taken place in all mediums could not have come about without a complicit and intellectually lazy audience who require less and less in terms of content, but grow ever more impatient with their demands for immediate gratification. Combine this with the fact that the desire for exposure among most performers has preceded any sense of need for content or substantive message and you have all the ingredients necessary to produce a cultural wasteland.

As their name implies, the love kills theory is not so much a band as it is a manifesto. Society has reached a point in its development where the pursuit of the things we love – indulgence in all of its forms – is killing us by making us all soulless consumers. If art can’t be resurrected, at least the reasons for its death will be documented in their songs.

The petty details of the history of the band and its members and assorted accolades are irrelevant filler.


The Love Kills Theory

Written By: Cevin Soling

The world’s at odds with our genetic make up
We’re taught to sleep, but not to wake up
Things we buy are the things we hold dearly
We’re in love with the love kills theory.

Something’s wrong, but you just can’t name it
Cream once rose, but now the dregs are famous
You want to see, but your vision is bleary
Your eyes are fixed on the love kills theory.

We chain ourselves to a faceless past
Cling hard to things that don’t last
Cultural stasis is our faith sincerely
Cause we live in the love kills theory.

When you wonder why all good is fading
Things you’re wanting become things you’re hating
What sustained you now makes you weary
You’re addicted to the love kills theory.


"Happy Suicide Jim!" - on Xemu Records

Set List

14 Songs. One hour. Original songs.