With hints of new millennium pop-punk, moments reminiscent of 1990s post-grunge, and hints of neon-glossy pop, Lovelectric brings a DIY mantra to their brand of pop music that is both unique and refreshing. Give them a listen…you might just be hooked.


Lovelectric is spearheaded by lead singer/guitarist Doug Rockwell, an experienced musician, audio engineer, and producer. Founded as “The Doug Rockwell Band” in 2010, Lovelectric is the product of hard work and dedication from musicians who genuinely love to play their instruments.

Lovelectric is currently made up of Doug Rockwell (lead vocals/guitar), Jordan Sciabica (guitar/vocals), Mike DiGuglielmo (drums/percussion) & Devin Enright (bass/funstick). They have been making quite an impression as a band that brings a breath of fresh air to what music has evolved into today.

Official debut EP "An Ovation For Innovation" is out now virtually everywhere online!

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"An Ovation For Innovation" (2012)

Set List

1 - The Edge
2 - My Very Own Road
3 - Live Again
4 - Wannabe (Spice Girls Cover)
5 - Battle Scars
6 - New Time Comin'
7 - Running
8 - Everybody/Bye Bye Bye (Backstreet Boys/N'SYNC Mashup)
9 - I Am