The Loveless Sound

The Loveless Sound

 Orlando, Florida, USA

"The Loveless Sound" - For those who support local music; who haven't given up; who find hope in sound; whose eyes see interest; who can and can't find peace; who want more; who strive to be better; who try their best; who never give up; who never lose faith. "The Loveless Sound" loves the loveless.


The Loveless Sound.

The 4-piece progressive, alternative rock band, led by frontman, vocalist, lead guitarist, and songwriter Micah J. Tappe was formed in early 2007 after meeting Glenn Rogers, Scott Christie and Dirk Ellis. After practicing and perfecting their 'loveless' sound, the band tirelessly recorded 30+ tracks releasing a 5-song demo on iTunes, and a 12 song full-length instrumental album entitled, "Epic Drone" while other releases are scheduled for a November 2009 debut. They then set out on a grueling, non-stop, 4-month tour.

Since then, the band has recorded 2 full-length, all-original albums. With a debut album scheduled for release in late January 2010. The Loveless Sound and their already-large, ever-growing fan base proves their sound isn't 'loveless' at all.

"Some songs", says Micah, "have been in the works since '97 when I was 14 years old."

The Loveless Sound has played numerous shows in the southeast US. A larger, 6-state regional tour is scheduled to start Fall 2009. A 7-track EP entitled, "Itch" is in it's final stages for release, as well as The Loveless Sound's first single, "The Rise" which include never-before-heard tracks such as the acoustic "Machine" and the beat driven melodic melodies of "Being".

A little more about Micah J. Tappe:
Micah was born in Connecticut but grew up in Jacksonville, Florida; home to many musical artists. As an accomplished musician, Micah has been studying the piano, guitar, and voice for many years. Being classically trained in piano since the age of 3, singing since the age of 5, and classically trained on guitar since the age of 10 has prepared Micah for a lifelong career in music. He has experience teaching different styles and techniques for the piano, guitar, and voice. Micah attended Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, in Jacksonville, Florida, where he performed nationally and won many awards for his musical accomplishments; most notably in the field of classical, blues, jazz and rock guitar. After graduating from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, Micah attended Valencia College and the University of Central Florida (UCF) in Orlando, where he received an Associate of Arts degree in Audio Production and Music Performance is 2003, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Composition/Arranging and Music Performance in 2006.
Music has always played an important part of Micah’s life. The talent and hard work are clearly shown in The Loveless Sound.

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The Great I Am

Written By: Micah J. Tappe

Now sit back and listen, and keep up with the time
We care to compare with a sound, jingle and rhyme,

I believe that you can see, we have a choice on who we want to be,
These days I’m no so sure, why can’t you see,
What you hear isn’t what you get,
This new power’s making me sick,

I swear to make new on what’s come unglued,
If you swear to listen, I listened to you,
I’m not desperate for your attention, but I’m begging to plead,
We’re all drowning from speed, I just aim to please,

We try to moralize that which we sympathize,
Take a breath, simplify, and compromise,
What’s talk with no walk, a lie in a hope disguise,
So, here’s to trust, here’s to faith, here’s to the yesterdays, never was,

Why can’t we fix what’s been broken,
Stop accepting, leading to nothing,
For so long, we follow but never lead,
Horizons holds promise with need,
Here’s a chance for something better,
A taste of the hope from never,
Long are these days without,
Taking a breath, here we go,

So if time heals wounds, and forgiveness clears heads,
I’m safe from doom, but instead,
Why is it that I can find,
Can’t be heard unless I shout,
Here’s a thought,
Next time you talk, scream it out,

A new life, a new sound, no more chains to hold you down,
A new glance at new chance, no more seconds, and no more cant’s.
Everyone's made to look a fool, everything's making you a tool,
Sit back or make a stand, because this is The Great I Am.

A new life, new sound, no more strings you dancing clowns,
A new glance at new chance, These are the days, our music romance,
Everyone’s making a choice, Now it’s time for your voice,
Get up, shout it out, and stand, This is The Great I Am

Black & White

Written By: Micah Tappe -

We’re punished for reign of being,
Are we to obey an incomplete prophecy,
Blaze now on our backs,
Stomaching the facts,
We’re all fools, fooled to be,

We’re carried on a cloud above,
To look on those in need of love,
With grace on our backs,
To send hope to the rest,
We are ruled, rules to love,

I am the dark of the night,
The fear and the fright,
With a weight and a curse,
Muscling the work,
I am the one in shadows lurk,

I am the wind in your air,
The smile in blank stares,
The gun in fear you hold,
False in gold you stole,
And the muster you can’t bare,

Once I ruled the heavens, seas rise and mountains bow,
I cover the caverns, bleed high and bellow out,
Now in moments gone, time fades with the passing of days,
This atonement long, I’m wading in lasting place,

Begin the descent, with heart, lung, and switch,
Renew this battlefield, Cleanse, soothe, and heal,


Written By: Micah J. Tappe

It’s in your eyes,
Seeing the world in a different light,
Colors you’ve never ever seen before,
And through those eyes,
We realize, We live the lives,
But it’s the dreams we ignore,

I don’t want to pretend,
That I’ll be happy till the end,
With another dream gone, I’ll sing the song,
Of what could have been,

Because these are the days,
Slipping through my mind again, oh, oh,
This is the world I’m in, oh,

Nothing seems to have the gleam,
Of the steam, built from dreams,
We are the ones, who make it fun,
We’re the dreamers with wings,
Is there more, and what’s in store,
Because, I’ve got a knack for knowing,

The score, Oh,
Slipping through my mind again, oh, oh,
Skipping in my world again, oh, oh,
This is the life I’m living, oh,

I want to know, I want to go,
I want to show, I want to grow,

Oh, These are the days,
Slipping through my mind again, oh, oh,
Skipping in my world again, oh, oh,
This is the life I’m living, oh

Continuation Of Stereotype

Written By: Micah J. Tappe

In and out, everyday, every way,
One and all, no change, all the same,
It’s stereotyped,
It’s a curse, it’s a plot,
Not to keep our hopes to high,

In and out, everyday, it’s all the same,
I’d like a change,
Back and forth, score some more, such a bore,
Is there a way,
To know, to grow, to show,
That things will never ever change,

A broken hearted ceremony,
To stomach pill’s reality,
Cycle’s not for me,

Kill the song, kill the voice, kill the name,
It’s all the same,
Let it be, let it free, let it see,
We’re all to blame,
Never more, will we shore, to store,
Something that’s so mundane,

In this time of,
Never ending calamity,
I see a hope,
To set us free,

Ooh, come on,
A broken hearted ceremony,
To stomach pill’s reality,
Cycle’s not for me,
Ooh, come on,
In this time of,
Never ending calamity,
I speak for all,
To set us free

Static Hearts

Written By: Micah J. Tappe

These days are filled with regret,
Closure hasn’t happened yet,
I need a drug to kill the pain,
The memories of yesterday,
My heart is turning cold and grey,

Hey, Oh,

These are the times I can’t see past,
This is the way I feel the sadness last,
So, stay away from me today,
Stay away, it’s too much pain,
Stay away, I don’t need you anyway,
In my head, I’ll make it a bad dream,

Hey, you, please, go away,

So, stay away, stay away, stay away, it’s too much pain,
So, stay away, stay away, stay away from me today,
So, stay away, stay away, stay away, I’m cold and grey,
Stay away, stay away, stay away, stay away, stay away, stay away,
Static heart is all I feel,
Static heart is keeping it real,
Static heart, it’s not going away, today,
Static heart is keeping a past,
Static heart, will it last,
Static heart stay away


All songs written, composed, arranged, recorded, edited, mixed, mastered, and produced by Micah J. Tappe. All releases are under the band name, "The Loveless Sound"

1st Demo Album: "The Untitled Demos" released January 31, 2005. 7 Tracks; Length: 30 min.

2nd Demo Album: "The Epic Drone" released April 2005.
13 Tracks; Length: 58 min.

3rd Demo Album: "The Epic B-Sides" released July 2005
6 Tracks; Length: 32 min.

1st EP: "Itch" released November 2005
7 Tracks; Length: 34 min.

2nd EP: "Kneel" Released February 2006
7 Tracks; Length: 29 min.

3rd EP: "Son" released June 2006
7 Tracks; Length: 31 min.

1st Single: "Spades" released September 2006
5 Tracks; Length: 28 min.

2nd Single: "Hearts" released December 2006
5 Tracks; Length: 24 min.

3rd Single: "Clubs" released March 2007
5 Tracks; Length: 20 min.

4th Single: "Diamonds" released July 2007
5 Tracks; Length 22 min.

1st Full-Length Album: "Requiem" released September 2007. Available on iTunes December 2008
12 Tracks; Length: 1 Hour, 5 Min.

2nd Full Length Album (B-Sides): "Requiem In B" released November 2007. available on iTunes January 2009.
11 Tracks; Length: 55 min.

1st Live Album: "The Epic Lives" released January 2008. Available on iTunes February 2009.
12 Tracks; Length: 1 Hour

5th Single: "Truth" release May, 2008. Available on iTunes March 2009.
5 Tracks; Length: 26 min.

6th Single: "Hope" released July 2008. Available on iTunes April 2009.
5 Tracks; Length: 21 min.

7th Single: "Love" released September 2008. Available on iTunes May 2009.
5 Tracks; Length: 22 min.

Future Releases:
3rd Full-Length Album: "Oracle" Future release: December 2008. Available on iTunes June 2009.
13 Tracks; Length: 59 Min.

4th Full-Length Album: "Oracle Fails" Future release: February 2009. Available on iTunes July 2009.
13 Tracks; Length 56 Min.

2nd Live Album: "The Oracle Lives" Future Release March 2009. Available on iTunes August 2009.
13 Tracks; Length: TBD

All releases have currently been taken off iTunes due to re-releasing everything with re-recorded vocal tracks.

Set List

American Distortion - From "Oracle"
The Great I Am - From "Requiem"
The Glow - From "Oracle"
Being - From "Requiem"
Starcrushed - From "Oracle"
Earth - From "Oracle"
Static Hearts - From "Oracle"
Insecurity - From "Requiem"
The Rise - From "Oracle"
Summer Sun - From "Oracle"
Machine - From "Requiem"
East - From "Oracle"
Spiral - From "Requiem"
Delusions Of Grandeur - From "Oracle"
Vega - From "Requiem"
Nobody To Everyone - From "Oracle"
Continuation Of Stereotype - From "Oracle"