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San Francisco, California, United States | INDIE

San Francisco, California, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Band about to Blow"

Band about to blow
Predicting the next big thing in local music is never a cakewalk. But if we had to guess, we’d go with Love Like Fire. The foursome has a sound that won’t quit and a groundswell of critical acclaim. The group has gotten shout-outs from Death Cab for Cutie, made it to the semifinals of Live105’s Not So Silent Night local band contest in December, and was named one of the station’s top 10 local bands for 2006. Says the radio station’s music director Aaron Axelsen, “The first time I heard them, my ears perked up,” he says. “Every time I play them, people call in.” Catch them before they break through; that way we won’t have to say we told you so. - San Francisco Magazine

"LoveLikeFire Shows Promise on a School Night"

And it was, without a doubt, Yu’s entrancing and powerful voice (reminiscent of Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O and Garbage’s Shirley Manson) that truly helped captivate the concertgoers, especially when she wailed the haunting chorus during “William,” another song from its upcoming full-length. - Venus Zine

"LoveLikeFire "bed of gold ep""

Barely a year old, and having already supported The Brian Jonestown Massacre and earned praise from Death Cab for Cutie, this San Franciscan outfit consolidate all of that on this rather nifty collection. Perhaps due to Ann Yu’s PJ Harvey-meets-Delores O’Reirdon vocals, they sound more English than anything else, while, musically, they’re a blend of Pink Floyd (A Million Pieces”), The Dandy Warhols, Dinosaur Jr (the excellent “Bullet Proof”) and early Cranberries. Actually, they’re heavily reminiscent of shoegaze-to-Britpop chameleons Lush, which is just fine by me. There can’t be many other bands with as convincing an identity at this early stage. - Tasty Fanzine

"Local Britpoppery"

Though the band has been together in its current formation for less than a year, San Francisco's LoveLikeFire has already gained the attention of Live 105's Soundcheck, a SOMA magazine party, and made fans at live shows at the Cafe du Nord, Make-Out Room, and the Fillmore Matrix. Its recently released EP Bed of Gold displays solid songwriting and a confluence of the band's Britpop, shoegaze, and alternative rock influences. It plays in support of the Vice label's latest signing Favourite Sons and Barbarasteele on Saturday, September 16 at SF's Cafe du Nord. 9 p.m. $8. (Kathleen Richards) - East Bay Express

"LoveLikefire Set For Bigger Things"

Following great reviews from their past two albums, LoveLikeFire have gained fans quickly after their 2006 Bed of Gold album and their 2007 album, An Ocean In The Air. Not surprisingly, fans were awaiting more music, and will be given just that in the coming months.

As their website states, they have been taking it easy, now that their album has been recorded and the band looks forward to enjoying each other's company and recording a few covers. A few demos had been posted earlier this year back in May and the anticipation is growing with each day. One of their tracks on their MySpace is particularly stunning, titled "William".

A release date has not yet been set, but is expected to be released in the near future. In the meantime, LoveLikeFire will be playing with another one of MUF's favorite bands this year, Low vs Diamond, at The Independent in San Francisco on December 6th. We're looking forward to more LoveLikeFire in the near future!

- Music Under Fire


I suppose that there may be, like, a ‘season’ for EPs to be released. I mean, I’ve gotten, like, half a dozen of them straight over the last week or so. But, hardly any of them have been as good as Love like Fire’s offering. Like many, this is one of those indie bands still distinctly in the “real-independent” phase. No indie label, no major label; nothing. Nothing more to go on than just hard work, and a whole lot of passion for what they do.

Surprisingly, some tracks on this EP, the neatly titled Bed Of Gold, were produced by semi-famous producer Jeff Saltzman, best known for his work with The Killers. It was also partly mixed by semi-famous mix-man Reto Peter, best known for his work with indie darlings Modest Mouse. So, what is it about this little rock band from the bloated land of San Francisco has going for it to attract the attention of a few majors in the industry? Talent, my friends. And quite a bit of it, if I do say so myself. Never since the band Joydrop have I ever heard a sound that is just immediately this good.

Continuing with the Joydrop comparison, Love Like Fire reminds me quite a bit of them; nailing down the female-fronted alt-rock group with, pardon the expression, balls to spare. There isn’t a weak track among the six present here, and if an alt-rocking lady is up your alley, you could do far worse than this.

I assure you that it’s only a matter of time before this crew gets snatched up by an indie label, so check ‘em out now; not only so you can say you knew them then—but also because they’re just that good.

Reviewed by
Trent Moore - Sound the Sirens

" Band of the Day"

What's the Deal? LoveLikeFire's heady An Ocean in the Air presents beautifully orchestrated rock in a style similar to that of Arcade Fire, particularly on the EP's lead track "Unlighted Shadow." Yu's girlish vocals soar over Farwell's propulsive pounding and Parker's thick riffs with an intriguing sweetness like that of Blonde Redhead's Kazu Makino on "Skin and Bones." Shimmering rocker "SOS" is an impressionable take on the Yeah Yeah Yeah's garage rock-induced softness, while "Broken Shapes" embraces an emotionally tinged, Radiohead-tinted likeness, reaching soulful heights thanks to haunting background string arrangements. -


Can you really fall in love at first sight, or is it just infatuation? Romeo thought he was in love when he first saw Juliet: "Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight! / For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night." I'm feeling a little loopy myself after hearing "S.O.S." from San Francisco's LoveLikeFire. The song blows open like a track from Bossanova, or Trompe Le Monde, then settles into a nice Cure-esque riff ("A Forest?") and finally into a breathtaking chorus where singer Ann Yu sounds like a more forceful Siouxsie. I love LoveLikeFire like I love all of the above. No, I know it's just infatuation. I don't have a long relationship with LoveLikeFire. I haven't put in hours and hours of intense listening. I haven't dreamt or loved along with their music. It sure feels like love though. Call it what you will; I'm going to let myself wallow in the butterflies I get from LoveLikeFire.
- 3Hive Blog

"Bed of Gold review"

EPs are a funny thing because you only get a limited amount of songs to show off what you’re all about. In LoveLikeFire’s case, there are only six songs on Bed of Gold to let you know what they got goin’ on—and a mere two of those songs cater to what they seem to do really well: carefree indie punk/pop. The rest is devoted to their other sound, which is kind of downbeat and full of minor tones, sometimes a little like Morrissey. Altogether, it makes a great record, but I hope that the first two punk songs are the direction they take for their next album.

Before I go into further description, let me say that LoveLikeFire are huge Anglophiles. Now, I was told this on the press release, but I could have figured it out just by listening the album and then finding out that they are not, in fact, English. Their punk songs sound like The Bluetones, and lead singer Ann Yu’s voice is so beautifully husky, she sounds almost like Mark Morriss at times. The other four tracks sound like Catatonia by way of the Cranberries, if they were more rocking and less depressing.

The rest of the band, all guys, are David Farrell on drums, Theodore Parker on guitar, and Jesse Hayes on bass, (all of them do a bunch of other stuff, but these are their main deals), and they work in harmony with Yu, backing her up, but not getting lost behind her low, whispery voice that comes across strongly. I have to say, I love this trend of men backing up lady singers. I can hardly remember the day when one tried to think of bands led by females and could only come up with “No Doubt” and “that Irish band.” - The Red Alert

"Band to Watch- LoveLikeFire"

An old friend of mine recently sent me music from his new band, something radically different from his former group, and I was instantly impressed. The new band is San Francisco's LOVE LIKE FIRE and they have an EP out called Bed of Gold. I also received a two song demo cd of their new material, songs: 'Wish You Dead' and 'Inside Your Light', which showcase singer Ann Yu's powerful and interesting voice and presence. I haven't seen them live yet, but knowing Jesse, it will be an intense experience. They are cool enough to let everyone listen to the new tracks on their myspace page > - Future Sounds


Bed Of Gold mini-album 2006
An Ocean in the Air mini-album 2007 (CMJ Top 20, CMJ Top 100, Six weeks)
William (single - 7") - April 2009
Stand In Your Shoes (single - 7") - June 2009
Boredom (single - digital) - August 2009
Tear Ourselves Away (CD album) - (UK August 2009 - US March 2010)



LoveLikeFire is Ann Yu, David Farrell, Martin Mattern, and Eric Amerman. Formed in 2006, the band have played all over America, self booking national and regional tours across the country (including SXSW, CMJ and Monolith festival) and released two self funded EPs which have both been warmly received. The band have also been lucky enough to be hand picked to play shows with Black Kids, Dead Confederate, Mates of State, Tilly and the Wall, Dead Meadow, Cloud Cult, Benji Hughes, The Virgins, The Teenagers & Port OBrien. In early 2008, LoveLikeFire signed to new UK indie label, Heist or Hit records and went into Tiny Telephone studios in San Francisco with producer Bill Racine (Mates of State, Rogue Wave) to record their debut full length, Tear Ourselves Away. An album telling tales of the desire to run free from inhibitions, being keenly aware of ones surroundings, fears, desires, compelling moments of inspiration, that you can tear yourself away from that which holds you back and truly come into your own. The album was released in 2009.