Love Locked Out

Love Locked Out

 Manchester, England, GBR

Music that evokes your emotions. Lyrically charged songs with easy melodies delivered by sweet voices, acoustic instruments, delicate
arrangements. Something that let you think about those rainy days
when you need 'food' for your heart. Can perform as an acoustic duo or full band.


The journey towards Love Locked Out began in 2006 with the pairing of Jason Dunkley and That Girl Sue - an acoustic duo combining Dunkley's singer-songwriter talents with the soaring songbird harmonies of Sue Millichap. Their first two releases (2007's Experiments in Intimacy EP and the follow-up album RSVP in 2009) gained them a reputation for melodic, foot-tapping acoustic sounds with layered, angelic harmonies. Leon Ware, legendary songwriter, called Jason a “songwriter with a natural instinct for song formation, evoking the emotions, one to watch for the future”
With the partnership enjoying success and establishing a firm following, it was time to cement their bond. When Dunkley and Millichap realised that they were using the same musicians throughout their upcoming album, it began to feel more like a band and their decision was made. Love Locked Out was the result.
2011 heralds the release of Love Locked Out's debut album, Space to be Alone. Recorded in Derby, with Ben Haynes retained as producer from RSVP, the album combines the acoustic roots of Experiments in Intimacy with the fuller arrangements of RSVP. It signifies a major step forward for Dunkley and Millichap and begins the next chapter of their musical career.


Space to be Alone - Album released Jan 2011