Lovelorn Boy

Lovelorn Boy


Lovelorn Boy is definitely not your typical Illinois band you see everyday. We do things just a little bit different. We're trying to bring electronic pop music back into style. Hopefully you like our creativity!


An electronic pop band from a small town in Illinois. Frontman, Wade Ebken has been composing music since his early teen years. Wade has been playing the keyboards and other instruments since he was in 5th grade. He thought after all those years of experience, he should make something of it. So he got this project started up.

Some artists/bands that have really influenced us would have to be: Joy Electric, Calvin Harris, Freezepop, The Postal Service, Hellogoodbye... the list goes on.



"I Love Her" EP


01. Something In Return
02. Get Out The Gospel
03. I Hate It When She Hates Me
04. Another Day
05. Someone

You can buy our EP here:

Set List

A usual set for Lovelorn Boy is about 30 minutes.

Usually 9 songs.

Something In Return
Get Out The Gospel
I Hate It When She Hates Me
I Recollect
One Big Mistake
The Pathological Lying Of Love
Number 12