Lovely Houses

Lovely Houses

 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

indie-folk containing beautiful melodies, well crafted lyrics and a distinct voice.


Lovely Houses is a songwriter from Indianapolis, IN. He began performing in the spring of '06 and recently released his first album Dragon Feet. The debut is a folk-rock record full of beautiful melodies and well-crafted lyrics. Guest performers included Liz Janes of Asthmatic Kitty Records. Since the release, Lovely Houses has performed along the east coast and throughout the mid-west extensively. He plans to continue touring and sharing his music with anyone willing to listen. The artist takes it show by show, empowered by the belief that music is a beautiful language and art form, here to help us all get through this mess of a world.


Debut Full-Length CD: Dragon Feet (2008)

Set List

Typically 30-45min. set. However, can play 1.5hr set if needed.