Love Me, Leave Me

Love Me, Leave Me

 Edwardsville, Illinois, USA
BandRockCover Band

We are a high school band from Edwardsville, IL that writes music and performs a wide variety of covers ranging from the 80's to today. We have HD videos on our website ( as well as our youtube channel (LoveMeLeaveMeBand). We bring a group of about 100 fans to each show.


We are a true basement band that's been playing together for about a year. We're very serious about practicing and adding new songs on a weekly basis. We've play in various locations in Illinois and Missouri, and are widening our show target for the summer. We have one original song done and have many more on the way. We are great friends and really enjoy practicing and performing together.

We have HD video of us performing on our YouTube channel.

Set List

Whoa! Love Me, Leave Me (Original Song)
Dear Maria, Count Me In All Time Low
1985 Bowling For Soup
Rolling in the Deep Adele (Go Raidio's Cover)
All The Small Things Blink-182
Every Rose Has Its Thorn Poison
Runaway Love And Theft
Sugar We're Goin Down Fall Out Boy
Unholy Confessions Avenged Sevenfold
Boulevard of Broken Dreams Green Day
Welcome To Paradise Green Day
Umbrella Rihanna (All Time Low's Cover)
When Your Heart Stops Beating +44
You're Gonna Go Far, KId The Offspring
The Rock Show Blink-182
First Date Blink-182
Jamie All Over Mayday Parade
Pain Three Days Grace
Fat Lip Sum 41
My Own Worst Enemy Lit
So What Pink