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Oakland, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Oakland, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Shoegaze


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Tape / Demo Reviews Summer 2015"

SF has Hornss riding on the Melvins tip, so the East Bay gets this greasy, Orange powered mayhem to even out the lopsided weight. Hard pumpin' stuff that lies on the metal-gone-pop side of the tracks. Love Moon sounds a tad like the Zig Zags tougher brother or even a un-psych Fuzz at times, but then goes for the throat with a stoner Sleep freakishness or loses control in a gruff Karp blowout. "Born Ready" kinda' bulldozes over the listener with a metallic space rage from the far off planet Failure. "Starstuff" could actually be a hit with the modern radio rock demographic. It's a good introduction of the band for those holdouts who could use a little taste o' the underground that cuts deeper than - say - a bootleg copy of those Man's Ruin Queens of the Stoneage EPs. Gnarly shit like " Hocus Focus" might be enough to get 'em on the Southern Lord roster. When those denim cooch demons start to cry 'cuz yet another pressing of Holy Mountain has sold out, just shove this in their quivering maw and tell 'em it's time to move on. A solid meat-beat demo and much better than a bajillion White Fangs or likewise acts who think their beach jams are heavy, brah. Then again, these longhairs are originally from Indiana and not the left coast - just to let ya' know it's not the sand in their shoes that influenced them. Izz goot, mang. (RSF) - Terminal Boredom

"The guys in Love Moon don't fuck around."

The guys in Love Moon don’t fuck around.

Formerly members of the much-loved Indianapolis sludge metal band Male Bondage, bassist/vocalist Jordan Martich, guitarist Charlie Thomas and drummer James Lyter said goodbye to the Midwest in July 2014 before making their way out to The Bay Area as a newly formed trio called Love Moon. In that time alone, however, the Oakland group is already set to unveil its first full-length album titled “Clouded Bliss,” and the result is just as scuzzy and crusty as anyone could’ve hoped for.

Right from the get-go, Love Moon brings it with a Torche-esque headbanger called “Not With Me,” promptly giving listeners new and old a taste of what’s to come before jumping into more rippers like “Afterlife,” “Dopefiend” and the album’s title track. But despite their undoubted obsession with classic Melvins heaviness, Love Moon isn’t afraid to intermingle elements of shoegaze and punk into the mix on tracks like "Born Ready" and "Starstuff," ultimately making this record a much more intriguing listen than your typical sludge rock product. - Nuvo Magazine

"Love Moon Rising"

Torn from the fertile soil of the Midwest, the Love Moon trio found themselves transplanted in the Bay Area where they hit the ground running. While their band name could easily be the name of a Care Bear, there’s nothing cute and cuddly about their music. Listening to Love Moon is like standing alone on a rooftop on an overcast day and watching lightning strikes off in the distance. It’s heavy yet intelligent, gloomy yet contemplative. On Clouded Bliss, Love Moon delves deep and bares teeth. Touches of punk, sludge, and psych are vindicated with crippling bass work, explosive percussion and, most importantly, bong-rattling, soul-crushing, bowel-shaking riffs. Riffs for miles. Riffs for days. Riffs as far as the eye can see. There are a million bands cranking out records these days but what Love Moon does on Clouded Bliss is something truly special. - Nicey (Indianapolis DIY Zine)


Still working on that hot first release.



Love Moon is a loud psych punk band from Oakland, CA. Bred in the Midwest, the three freaks comprising Love Moon relocated from Indianapolis to The Bay Area in the Summer of 2014. Having established a national basement reputation with their previous band, Male Bondage, Love Moon (named after the now out of print Male Bondage LP) is poised and ready to annihilate West Coast eardrums with superfluous amplification and celestial catchiness. With influences taken from vintage heaviness like Motรถrhead and Black Sabbath, mixed with more contemporary reflections of MBV, The Men, and The Melvins, Love Moon creates a wall of noise that sounds oddly familiar but remains strange and original. Tour-hards by nature, it is inevitable that Love Moon will be hauling an excessive number of amps into a venue near you, drinking all the beers, and leaving a weird, foggy, but lasting (ringing) memory in your ears and hearts. 

- Richard Banner, Drink Or Die Records

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