Loverless is a disc you found in a parking lot in the future. Loverless is science fiction blues.


Loverless is comprised of Elijah Ocean on guitar and vocals, Danny MacLeod on bass and organ and Michael C. Anderson on drums.

They are influenced by everyone from Muddy Waters to Tool, The Mars Volta and Sleep. Though the music is often-times extraordinarily heavy, the classic tenants of hook-based songwriting are never abandoned.

For three years they have established themselves as a gripping live band, securing a place in the local rock scene with fiery, impassioned performances and building a large following of devoted fans who have fallen in love with what the band describes as "science-fiction blues." They have also released two much-heralded albums which have topped critics top ten end-of-year lists for best local albums.

They are currently on tour, promoting their latest effort "Fighter," which is available on-line at iTunes and


LOVERLESS- "Loverless" (2005)
LOVERLESS- "Fighter" (2006)
LOVERLESS- "Nothing Under the Sun" (in production)

Set List

We have about 25 original songs.